Friday, August 08, 2014

140715 Bangalore, India

Chapter 4

My mum being an avid reader of my blog, said that she has been waiting for my updates. So here I am again, trying to update as much as I can. teehee

In the morning before heading out. 

Even had time for a selfie. lol lol. Been waking up super early those days like 5.30am India time, it's crazy, my alarm is actually for 6.30am :/ Then I end up super tired at night.

Hallway to the lift. Pretty right. We all loved the chairs outside the room to be honest, because we spend time sitting outside waiting for the others to get ready here and there. Ringing each other's door bells. haha

Breakfast everyday. Getting bored of the food eventually until I found out that their egg benedict was awesome. I took a picture of the egg benedict but not sure where it is now, probably in the last day folder. 

  Classes and tea. 
So many useful sessions that whole week it was fun. Particularly EQ and personal values classes, which helped us understand ourselves so much more. 

 tiny flags Kwong Yeow made and we helped out to place beside the respective food. 

 You know those sand artists? That instantly create pictures using sand while the story is narrated?
So lucky and happy to witness that. The story of Dell and Dell India. 

 In the afternoon, we went to one of the India schools that Dell is sponsoring laptops and tablets and have been supporting for quite some time. I also donated for the students to get uniforms and build a solar panel in their school for lights. 
We helped painted their classrooms and it was fun. I can't remember when was the last time I painted. lol. 

geared up to paint with Xiao Wei. 

 The students after their class. They were really excited and happy to see us. And I think that some of them never seen anyone else other than Indians before. Because they were really fascinated by us, for some reason. lol. Trying to shake hands and stuff. 

 I love short breaks between sessions!
Head back to the room and rest. :D

 And found this cute puppy with a note written from the room attendant. She used my specs and cap. So creative. I bumped into her once when I come back to my room for a short break. She's a sweet and pretty girl. Some of the others got elephants and such. I feel like they really go out of their way to treat us well. One of my friends got new toothpaste of the exact same brand, just because they noticed his toothpaste is going to finish. One of them gotten Bangalore mangoes because they bought mangoes from elsewhere. It's crazy I'm telling you the level of Ritz Carlton's service. 

Selfie with it as a background is very much needed! And I'm wearing shorts okay, in case that's what you are doubting. lol lol

chillax chillax.
how nice it is to come back to your room all clean and neat with the bed done. perfect. 

 This is how the photographer took our group picture....

All the attendees at the Summit. 

 Before heading for the dinner at the Taj West End Hotel.
Tom G. one of our execs is dressed up in an awesome outfit again. 

 Probably one of the most non-creative group in front of that Bollywood picture. 
Along with Tomas, Kevin, Jie En, Vanessa and Andrej.

Nicola finally in the middle. A picture together. We were having sessions for the first few days mostly in our FDP groups. Missed the ADPs :D

The mask was cool for a while, until it got real irritating. hahahahah.
I'm pretty sure you can't even tell who are the directors in this picture. 

Final picture with the masks on. Then it was dancing time, dinner time, and I was drinking glasses of wine until I felt so sleepy. LOL

 One of my favourite pictures because the ladies are all dressed up and pretty.  
Malaysia FDPs with Xiao Wei, Russell, Sam and Tyson. Great people! 

With Robin! still calls him Jia Qi anyway. haha you know it's like people getting english names at work but you are somewhat stuck with their old chinese names. And yep, I was blur already, look at me. -.-

oh, and this picture was from the World Cup Finals night. Watching World Cup first half in bed then had to sleep because of the early sessions the next day.

Okay, so that's about all for now. 
Mum, I hope you are happy that you meet my friends from the pictures and also see at how big my bed was!! hehehe. 

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Anonymous said...

i love how much your room shows up in the pictures. i would have done the exact same thing! looks like a really great trip so far. the staff at the ritz really went above and beyond. can't wait to see what's up next. :) x. d.