Saturday, August 16, 2014

140716-140719 Bangalore, India

Chapter 5

The last post of Bangalore! Photos dump! Only picked those with me in it lol lol. 
There's just way too many pictures, so I posted the rest on Facebook. hehe 

hello there! I absolutely love the lights and atmosphere of the room. Every morning when I wake up, I feel nothing but happy and relaxed.,despite how busy I know I will be for the rest of the day. 
I think it's the curtains and that sun shining in every morning. 
Okay, I probably should tidy up my room right now. Because I just looked around after typing this and it's so far from that. hahaha

the hotel.

FDP group picture after dinner at BBQ Nation. I like that place, the food is nice. 
Everything barbecued! And it's a buffet!
Thursday night. The semester 2 wasn't in cultural clothing because we had case study to prepare and present on the next morning....
But I still went and meet up with them. haha

with Tom Sweet, our CFO.

and with Maya, our CAO. We presented our case study to her the next day. And we won!!! :D 
hooray to my team and awesome team mates. 

Us with Lorna, ADP from the States. Hands down the prettiest girl there. 

Cute picture of my assigned buddy in FDP- Aadila and my assigned mentor- Siew Sim.

 Wefie with Mike Dunn, our VP. Who spend so much time with us during that week and remembered all of our names. All FDPs. It was super impressive.

 Marc and YuJuin, had to take a picture of them. like seriously. so cutee. tallest and cutest in FDP.

With Gregg.

Last pictures of the hotel.... 
So reluctant to leave Ritz lol lol

Beautiful decorations.


The Semester 4s graduation party, with Jenny the overall dressed up pretty lady, Sam who's coming to Singapore for a rotation and Chin Aun, my director from the previous role.

with Andrej

With Daniel and Kevin.
Kevin will be leaving Penang in a week after 6 months here. 
And he graduated FDP. Super awesome, I can't wait till my day comes. haha

Friday night, buffet in one of the restaurants the others found during their first day there.
Unfortunately, I was sick by then, having serious sore throat and have a look at the food.
Spicy everything. But it was so good! I ate a little :( 
The tomyam soup was super amazing too. sigh... 

At Levis. Bought a pair of jeans and shirt, both RM50 each. Are you kidding me lol
It was buy 1 free 1 promotion which lets me combine shirts and jeans. I would have bought more if they have more sized. But I heard that because the sales has been going on for a while so.. :/
And that pair of Levis is my favourite now.

The only street picture I have in Bangalore.
Too afraid to take out my phone or camera because everyone is staring...
Had to be real careful. 
Took this while waiting for my first 'auto'.
And here we go. My ride on the 'auto' back to the hotel. It was insane, thank god it was only a short journey. He swift-ed past bikes and cars without slowing down. And maybe it's the lack of seat belts or whatever. It was insane. 

On the last day, Saturday, no more activities so I had breakfast and went to the pool side to chill.
The weather was awesome like about 23 degrees Celsius and it was windy, very very windy. Nice.

Egg Benedict breakfast.


how can the weather be so niceee at like 1-ish. 
I wish we have it here.

much chill.

Vanessa and Jie En swimming.

Went to the lobby and met up with Eva and the rest who's leaving to Sri Lanka for their hols.
One of the friendliest girls I met during that week. 

The room attendant, that girl who made me the puppy, rang the doorbell and gave me a rose.
I was waiting for my rose to be honest. HAHAHA
Because a few days before, everyone started receiving roses except me.

 Told them I had a sore throat and I was given tea with herbs to cure my throat, and also honey.

 the only thing I bought in India...

 outside my room. 

 Lunch before heading to the airport at The Lantern Restaurant & Bar at the Ritz.
This is the restaurant section.
The food was super good!

 Dining area outside.

 I'm wondering why I didn't take pictures of the food?!?!
Can someone tell me why? lol. I honestly don't remember. 

 Leaving the hotel. 
Journey was 1 hour to the airport and the best part is, there's Wifi in the car!!!!
I didn't know at first, until I noticed that the ipad they provided in the car was connected to wifi. loll. 
I give you ten thumbs up Ritz Carlton.

 wet towels? loll

Finally, arrived at the airport.

Our Mercedes ride.

Then off we go to Delhi with our Indigo flight. 
I paid for sandwich on the flight because I was so sick and felt like eating something.
And I was ripped off with that sandwich... :/

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