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140720 Taj Mahal, India

Chapter 6 (warning, heavy load images)
The final chapter!
This post marks the end of the India trip. 

We left Bangalore during noon and arrived Delhi at night.
It was insane the moment we stepped out of the plane, out of the airport, it was crazy hot.
A literal 10 degree Celcius increase from Bangalore :<

We also realize that the people in Delhi speak English worse than those in Bangalore?! How come?
All the taxi drivers can't speak English at all.
Alright, so we had to grab a cab to our hotel. We paid and asked the taxi driver whether he knows where JW Marriot Aerocity is. He mumbled and said ya ya Aerocity. I don't even trust him that he knows where was it. But not like we had a choice. Once we took the cab, it was crazy driving again, and I already knew we are somewhere far from the hotel. Because based on my research earlier, the hotel is only less than 1.5km from the airport. 

We kept asking him, he just doesn't answer us, and kept on mumbling. Then suddenly we came to an abrupt stop at a dodgy motel street area. Oh. My. God. It was scary, the people, the bikes, the cars, and the passerby stare at us surrounding our cab. We waved and said no, this is not the place. And gave him our hotel reservation paper. He went into one of the motels and asked then came back. But that 1 or 2 minute wait was the longest ever in my life. Because the car doors cannot be locked, our luggage was all over us, I was so scared if the people surrounding us are gonna open the doors and snatch those away, or worse, kidnap us. 
But I also saw a police standing not too far away. While mentally planning what am I supposed to do, the driver came back and he did the craziest thing ever.
On that busy one way street, he turned the car around, despite all the honking, and drove really fast in the opposite direction until we reach a junction/roundabout place. 
I thought I was gonna die, seriously. 

Finally, we arrived at JW Marriot and the whole gang was waiting for us already. 
That relief. lol.

The beautiful lobby, forgot to take a picture of the lounge area. lol. 
Everything on that day was a blur. It was a really rushed one as we have to leave to Taj Mahal at like 5-ish in the morning, came back at night, leave to the airport at 6.30am the following morning. If only I had more time to enjoy the breakfast at the hotel. The breakfast was so so good. Seriously. 

hotel room. OMG
that bathtub. lol

Of course you can close the pane to shut off the view from the bathroom, BUT there is no lock on that pane. hahaha can you imagine if really someone was trying to prank you and open up the pane. wolla. 

 twin beds. And the best part about India twin beds is they are all huge. 
Totally can fit in two person in each bed. 

toiletries. like! like it more than the ones at Ritz.

what is holiday without cup noodles.

need this to be my room.

early next morning, complimentary breakfast. I'm not a pastry / bread person, but take my word for it, everything was perfect. Plain donuts, muffins, croissants. ahhhhh. I miss it. 

Then off we go for a long ride to Agra.

In Agra


After some walk, avoiding camel dunk etc. We arrived at the Taj Mahal gateway. 

The grand Taj Mahal gate.

The details.

Coincidentally bumped into some of the US FDPs. 

 You will get sick of Taj Mahal at the end of this post. haha.
It's really magnificent but we went at the wrong time. I wished we arrive there at 5.30am/6am.
The China and EMEA folks went early and their pictures looked amazing. The sun, the lack of photobombs and the reflection in the water. But we arrived there at 12 noon, which was really really hot, sticky and too crowded for us.

Group picture. 

Bumped into Penang FRPs as well. hahah

Hello Taj Mahal.

Can't even open my eyes. Left my shades at the hotel -.-

with Yu Juin

Penang Semester 2 FDPs

Taj Mahal Mosque.

I love this picture. It shows how huge the Taj Mahal is in comparison to the people walking beside it.
To be honest, I have no idea how people back then build this. It was all made of marble. Literally.
Therefore, I heard that the Taj Mahal reflects of a different colour during different times of the day.
I took some of the detailed close up pictures below.

The marble walls looks like exactly like the marble tiles in my house.

The view from Taj to the gate.

them shoe wraps. haha.

Love this one too!

Yamuna river.

India's photobomb level x100. Seriously, this is only an example. They always mass bomb your picture and look into your camera as well -.-

Sorry about the lack of caption. The pictures probably appeal more than what I'm writing. haha

We then went to a shop that makes marble items, mainly tabletops.
Piece by piece they place the exact size of coloured marbles in. It's crazy.

I really like this chess set though.

With Yu Juin. She's wearing my snapback while I wore Jenny's hat. hahah

Alright, this is the end. *waves. I will probably blog a bit about daily life then only start on my Singapore trip.
I hope you enjoyed all the posts about India :D
And I'm more than grateful that in my short 1 year time at Dell, I was able to travel to China and India. haha so I guess the tough work could be worth it sometimes. 

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