Saturday, August 09, 2014

Fuji X-T1 with XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS

I'm gonna put in a post here between my travel posts. Yep, my new camera. 
My first Fuji. 

And better than my DSLR in a lot of ways. 

I have been reading reviews on Fuji for a long time. I was previously thinking about the X100s but the only thing that stops me from buying it is because the lens cannot be changed. As much as prime is always top quality, I know my style can't be fixed for that 23mm. Plus, I can't take selfies with it! lol. As stupid as it sounds, it's important. 
So I continued with my Canon and amazing Tamron lens. 
Trust me, I love my Canon and Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 VC lens combo, they have been serving me so well (minus the shoulderache due to the heaviness). But after the India and Singapore trip, I had to. Because I can't stand the weight anymore. And the X-T1 is just receiving so many awesome reviews and such. 

Then my second dilemma, the lens. There's just so many lens I wanted other than the kit lens range. The 14mm, the 10-24mm. I have always wanted wide angle lens. Then after a lot of discussion with friends and such, and reading the Fujinon kit lens review; I still decided on taking the kit. Because no matter what, I still need that 50mm+ I think. And the kit is actually pretty good so far. But the lack of f2.8 at 55mm might be somewhat lacking..

Okay, sorry for all the crap. but maybe in future I'm gonna get the wide angle lens, and probably the 56mm 1.2? Amazinggggg. 
As of now, I'm gonna give my DSLR to my sister. 
I'm still learning this camera, how to optimize it and such. It has not been a disappointment apart from the fact that there's no flip screen. Everything has been good so far. Very sharp pictures. 
I'm still stumbling a little with the auto focus because it's somewhat different from my DSLR in the sense that the 'Area' autofocus does not pick the things I want it to focus on. But when I manually pick my focus point then it's perfectly sharp. Maybe I still need some time to figure it out. haha

see, taken with my canon. pretty good ey. 
I feel so unfamiliar with the Fuji still. It's like if I suddenly go back to my canon, it feels so right. 
The familiarity is like the back of my hand. And I can switch settings without having to think. 
And knowing what type of light, what type of settings should be used. haha. 
Then again, it's still fun learning this new camera. 
  So this was taken with the Fuji.

 Reading the manual.

 the dials. A lot of people love the dials. but I'm not that sure yet. because having to press the middle button before turning the dials is actually kinda inconvenient...

Oh ya, you saw that wifi button? Yep. Wifi. Loving it so much!

 Gotten a Hoya CIR filter.
Superb lens filter. Able to turn and adjust accordingly.

 Here comes the main reason why I got this camera. Size and weight. 
I'm sorry Canon, but you are too bulky and huge already. :(
I'm happy that now I can use smaller handbags because of the reduction in camera size. haha

 bazooka Canon. Still loving both <3

Presenting to you one of the nicer focus shots I got without editing.
Oh, best part about this camera is that I seems to need to do less light and contrast touch up compared to my DSLR pictures. But of course gotta get the adjustments right. So I feel like it's somewhat more dependent on the shooter with this camera...

Nevertheless, still happy! I will be sure to post more from this new camera after I'm done with the travel posts. hehe

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Anonymous said...

new camera day is always a good day. i shoot film so if you're ever out taking photos maybe i can join you. x, d.