Friday, September 19, 2014

Me: 20 Facts

I was tagged the 20 facts post on Instagram quite some time ago by my cousin and never came around doing it.

I started thinking about who I am and thought it would be interesting if I try list them out. :)

1. Blogged since 15, never stopped.

2. I have drier and more sensitive skin than normal people, very troubling trust me.

3. I eat a relatively small proportion of food in comparison to my big body size. But I love unhealthy food, junk food... Binge eat when I'm stressed out.

4. My favourite colours are navy and burgundy.

5. My love for comfortable items (bed sheets especially, it's a must, comfy clothes/ jumpers)

6. Movies. All types of movies except horror.

7. I will always order carbonara over bolognese, chicken over fish, chocolate over vanilla & strawberry.

8. I am willing to spend on shoes more than bags, technology more than beauty stuff.

9. Google is my best friend. No doubts ever.

10. I have been following Kpop since 2007 and have a vast knowledge of the korean entertainment industry.

11. Have not been to Korea because I am trying to make my first trip the most perfect trip. crazy much.

12. I never thought that I will land a job at Dell, and such a good one. Grateful but sometimes I still wish I am a student who has the luxury of time.

13. Traveled to 5 countries in the past one year and 2 of them are work trips.

14. I love photography. I prefer pictures of friends, scenery, non-moving things, food.

15. I watch way too many shows for my own good. American series and Korean dramas. American reality tv shows and Korean variety shows.

16. Pet peeve: People who are never punctual and do not respect other's time.
I'm very sensitive with time, very determined. When I say I will get it done, I will.
Pros: Highly efficient / Cons: Impatient.

17. I love to read. And I am a fast reader. Because I have this weird fear that I might not be able to read all the good books in the world before I die (sometimes merely because there are too many bad books in the way and you just have to finish them after you start). haha

18. People used to think that Accounting & Finance is too boring for me and thought that I would have studied IT. I started off for stability in future career then realized it suits me indeed, I guess? haha

19. I have a flat and big head. I blame it on my mum who didn't let me sleep in a 摇篮 that shapes baby's head perfectly rounded like my sister.

20. Someone stole my luggage from the luggage delay office in the US at the airport and I still think about it during the late nights when I can't sleep. Exaggerating. But sometimes I still wonder what happened to my favourite clothes in that bag. Chinatown maybe?

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