Saturday, September 27, 2014

Photo Dump

Photo dumping all my phone pictures hereee. heee.

be kind. be kind.

muffins! I still miss the muffins at Costa Coffeeee.

Dell's cafeteria teatime burger stall.

I miss my long hair afdfgasdfaha. hahaha
When I was in my 1st role... those were the days. how time flies.

have you forgotten about my favourite shoes? here you go again. haha

I don't walk to this hidden stairway anymore. 
I work downstairs now, sitting right next to the lift, making me a lazy potato.

Win Nee and I!

Best singapore beehoon.

all kinds of nom

I need to find pepero hereee.

A dell poster that was sent to my house, not sure why. haha employee benefits?

this was so epic. during cny, went to one of the relatives house and they had this on the table. 
what a good idea during CNY.

before flappy bird got all the craze, introduced them to the colleagues and everyone gave up playing cards and played flappy bird instead.

fdp house for our bbq events. haha

maxim dim sum

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