Sunday, October 05, 2014

140721 Singapore Day 1

Yay! I have been wanting to start on my Singapore travel log for a while now. 

That morning, I flew in to Singapore directly from Delhi. It was a shame I did not have time to enjoy the amazing breakfast at JW Marriot Autocity :( 
We ate in a real rush at 6.30am and had to leave to the airport immediately for our early flight. 

Delhi Airport

I was taking care of the bags at the airport while the rest gone cray on Himalayan products.

oh, and I forgot to show you how lovely the JW Marriot is at Delhi Aerocity.
Then again, no time to enjoy and explore the hotel. We spent a whole day at Taj Mahal earlier and leave right away the next morning. 

The meal on Singapore Airlines. Still the best. 

Arriving at the Changi Airport, and went to wait for my family.
Yup, they were meeting me at Singapore for a short holiday. 

We stayed at Shangri-La Hotel on Orange Grove road near Orchard Street.

hi sis. omg I miss my sister so much. She's studying in KL now...

We went to Clarke Quay and I was out of my mind for wearing that RAWR sweatshirt from Forever21. 
Stinky hot and humid. I almost forgot how humid it is over here after the dry-ish India.

This is becoming too mainstream. But I wouldn't deny that if I have a boyfriend, I might want to do something like that too. haha. 

We had our first meal in SG at the food court. 
Is it just us or what,but the food courts in Singapore never fail us. 
And the conversion of currency made it so much more worth it to get korean and japanese food because they are priced the same as other food. Also because they tasted so good. 
Can we have affordable korean meals here too? 
We are able to get korean sets for like 5SGD, what is life. 
So we literally explored food courts whenever possible. 

Obviously tired from the long flights and travelling. 

Whichever country I go, I love convenient transport systems the most. 
It really represents how developed a country is, depending on how good its transportation systems are. 

Yeah, I'm always the person in charge of the maps and directions and places.

We went to Marina Bay Sands. Just because I thought it would be cool to have a look at the night view, knowing that I would not any night time left during the trip.
And for the picture below, no regrets. 

tumblr-worthy. haha
It was late at night and all the stores are closed. Which is pretty good. I walked past Celine, saw the gorgeous bags and I told myself no way I'm looking into any of these stores or the pain I feel will be real. 

The Rain Oculus. Pretty cool. 
And that marks the end of the first night in Singapore. 

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Emily Irene said...

I've never wanted to travel to Singapore...but this mad me want to leave and go right now!