Saturday, October 18, 2014

141017 Made In Penang Interactive Museum

On Friday, the team and extended team of mine went to E&O for buffet lunch, then went to the Made In Penang Interactive Museum.
It was my first time there and I realize almost instantly that I lack photogenic genes and creativity. haha I see how the others pose and I look at myself....

Anyways, I didn't take a lot of pictures, helped the others took theirs though, gonna post some here :D

 my second dish during the buffet. I always go straight to dessert during my second plate. 

FDPs and FDP alumni, Jesrin :)

 haha my love for prawns is real. 


 the tiny miniature exhibition
yup, this is really one of my shorter posts.
In the mean time, I'm still filtering the crazy amount of pictures taken at USS.
Wait for my second Singapore post! 

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