Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love, Rosie (Movie)

No spoilers below, don't worry.

While my feelings and memory are still fresh from the movie, I want to urge you to go watch this show like immediately!

It did not disappoint me at all; there were changes from the book here and there, but it's for the better.. (Although I did hope they incorporate The Silence that happened into the movie as well...)

In the movie, we were showed briefly throughout their lives, how they intertwined, how misunderstandings happen, how and why things happen at the wrong time.
It's relate-able. It was so touching :'(
I have always wanted a soul mate-like-ish person to be in my lives. I believe it's something real and happening out there. Like you know this person from when you were a kid until you grow up and you realized he's the perfect person. But nope, I guess it's too late for me to happen now. haha

Back to the topic,
Who wouldn't love to have an Alex in their lives?
Though a more courageous Alex would be preferred..

One thing I want to say is that, Sam Claflin and Lily Collins both did amazing jobs in portraying the character. Sam Claflin is Alex, literally. Kudos to the person who casted him. I can't think of anyone else to be more Alex than Sam. (Those dimples ahhh)

Lily is smart, cute, girly soft and yet can be boyish and quirky, which fits Rosie perfectly.
Her accent keeps reminding me of Emma Watson but I don't think Emma would be a good Rosie.

The Riot Club and Mortal Instruments need to be released asap. Because I need to see more of these two awesome people!

The movie is out for only a day, hence explains the lack of gifs on tumblr.
However, I did add some eye candy bonuses below from their photoshoot <3

Lily Collins at the Roma Cinema Festival 2014 in Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture. I recognized the colours almost immediately. How can I not love her!

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