Saturday, November 01, 2014

140722 Universal Studios Singapore Part 1

Finally! Been wanting to blog about USS for some time now. 
We took a crazy amount of photos there hence I took time filtering and VSCO-ing some of them. 
All the pictures were taken using my Canon T3i (600D) + Tamron 17-50mm f2.8. I dearly miss the f2.8 at 50mm because my Fuji don't have a fixed aperture. 

We bought the USS tickets way earlier before we went on the trip. There was this Mastercard promo, buy 3 free 1 tickets thing going on. So it was worth it!

Walking to the MRT station. To get to Vivo City and then board the Sentosa Express to get there. 

hey yo sis

we also grabbed Wendy's before going there. 

In front of the famous Universal globe.
If you think it is easy to get a picture with this globe without any photobombs, you are absolutely wrong. You have no idea how long one needs to stand there just for the right moment.

And of course, getting the right timing of the globe when it faces forward.

The crowd getting into USS. And truth be told, that wasn't a normal busy day I suppose. It was a weekday. Hence we really saved a lot of queue time and at the end of the day, we played/watched almost everything. The place is just a round circle with each worlds connecting to the next, hence easy to navigate as well. Managed to catch a lot of Meet and Greet sessions as well.So keep checking the time. I think it was easy for us because the crowd is considerably lesser than normal I think.

The first thing that greets you. 
I felt oh so universal feels. It's totally different from Disney, if you get what I mean.

KwongYeow and Yu Juin with sis and I. 
Steph and Jie En were there too. We flew in together from India. 

Hello Minion.

He keeps messing up my hairrrrrr.

Gone straight to the Transformers 3D Ride first. And was super glad we did, because the queue was short at that time! I would recommend all of you to do so too!

english and chinese version of transformers story on the screen.

there were a lot of exhibits in there. but the light condition wasn't good enough for pictures.
And I have to say this is the best ride ever. Considerably one of the top two rides. I will tell you the second one later. But this was an amazing experience. Not your typical roller coaster. 

I so wanted to buy these tumblers. T_T

These too!!

The roller coaster ride was closed. What.A.Waste!

This is the non-moving one. So let's move on to the next. 

Optimus is moving! And he walked up to sister and I, shook hands, and looked into my camera for a picture. Thank you for being so cooperative. I get really excited by people in costumes get interactive with me...


Then Bumblebee came to join in. He was less hyper though. 
We had a group picture with them but I looked stupid in the pic. 
So, another reminder, do take note of the time when both of them gonna come out. 
Wait there and be ready. It's just outside the Transformers ride. 

Really overpriced Unicorn bag. But so cuteee.

Off to Ancient Egypt.
Revenge of the Mummy is hands down the best. But warning, it might be too scary for people who are afraid of roller coasters. Definitely worth a ride though. Brave yourself! 
I think indoor roller coasters will always beat outdoor ones. Nothing beats the thrilling ride in the dark with cool air hitting your face. 

Look how huge these sculptures are.

At The Lost World. 
Played the Canopy Flyer.
If the queue is long, it's really not worth it. The ride is over in like a minute. 

We also chose to have our lunch there. The queue for food was worse than queue for rides. Not good when you are literally starving. 

Of course the overpriced chicken rice...

Walking on to the Far Far Away land. 
Where we see Shrek's castle.

We went to the Shrek 4-D Adventure inside the castle. Initially, really just for the air con. But it turned out to be quite entertaining!

Madagascar Boogie! street entertainment.
Also, you will get to take pictures with them, usually a short queue, because people will be picking their fave characters and there are so many. 
I still remember that a China lady cut the queue right in front of me, thinking I wouldn't call her out. 
She pretended dumb when I told her she's cutting queue.
Then, the USS staff saw and asked her to move away. Ha!

Presenting you a picture of sis drinking Starbucks. A place for you to get free wifi in USS. haha

Be excited for Part 2!

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