Monday, November 24, 2014

140722 Universal Studios Singapore Part 2

Continuation post and the last post for USS!
When I was going through the photos, I can't help but think that the USS visit was definitely worth of our ticket price. I can't imagine how going on a crowded day will be like. To be honest, we didn't queue more than an hour for anything it was amazing.  

hi sister! outside the Castle of "Far Far Away" land.

We went to the Shrek 4-D Adventure. It was kinda fun.
If you are okay feeling like a kid enjoying the 4D effects. More importantly, we went in for the air con initially because the sun was so freaking scorching hot and the castle was super cooling. haha

No photos permitted inside. But I took this anyway before the start of it. 

THIS WAS CLOSED. okay, maybe my ticket isn't all that worth it because I didn't get to sit this ride :(

yup, we also went to Spaghetti Space Chase after that. Pictures later!
It's for kids, but we did all the rides and thought why not? haha

too expensive if not I would have bought it. 

The Rockafellas street entertainment in "New York"

all them cute bottles!!

I wanted these so bad. seriously. 
Kept trying to convince myself that it is okay to bring such bottle to the office but I guess not :(
Hence, did not buy it. 

Mel's Dinettes street entertainment at "Hollywood".

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. The wait will be longer for this one because it needs preparation time. But when I went, there wasn't many people. 
This was one impressive attraction. If you like movies, go for this one, no regrets. 
The effects were awesome! It was so surreal. 

A glimpse of what it's like. Guilty. no cameras allowed to. but I had to. 
hint: if you take the express pass/fast pass, you will be on the first front row. Be careful of your electronic devices. That's all I'm gonna say. haha

Minions from Despicable Me in Hollywood. We waited around when it was near the time stated on the paper. Hence less queue too. Trust me, the queue for this is really longg.
But lucky me, I even managed to get a selfie with the minion and used it as my facebook profile picture until now. hahaha. Look at how cute the minions areeee.

aiyo sister you so ke ai. haha

did not take any pics with him. sorry :/ loll

We went to starbucks for a short rest. You can really imagine how much luxury time we had. 
I have a dream of working in theme parks. It's so cool. 
Can you imagine playing all rides until you get bored of them?
I want to work at Diagon Alley in University Studios of Orlando.... 
I can't wait to get thereeee. Please, hoping it won't be crowded and all.

Monster Rock show. I kinda liked it. They were fun, the songs were nice, the people were cute and cool. Never thought that I will like it honestly. Worth a try. But remember to get there earlier than the show time. 

Yup here comes the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase pictures!

Tried to get steady pictures but.. not possible..

Shall end my awesome Universal Studios Singapore post with a picture of a corner that could be a potential OOTD background.
And a selfie of me and the globe. :)
The one regret that I have was probably looking exhausted and tired in every picture, pretty sure it's from the whole extensive India conference and trip before that. 
Anyhow, it was fun! No regrets!

Stay tuned for my upcoming World's Largest Aquarium - S.E.A Aquarium Singapore posts and a boat ride around Singapore post!

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