Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh

What a typical title for a typical post.
There's only one reason I post this up here.
I was thinking about the lifespan of this powerbank, and I never can remember how long I own certain things. I always check my blog for that.

So, if you noticed (no, I don't think anyone do, hahaha), I always write posts for new tech gadgets I buy on the first day I get them. Because yep, I do frequently check back.
And lucky me, I have been blogging for so long that almost all gadgets are archived over here. lol.

I probably talked too much.

Anyways, super grateful of my fellow junior FDP/friend Gary to buy this from taobao and bring it over here. He helped me few times already, to get stuff from China to Penang, items that I can't order through agent.

Yay! Not worrying for my US trip anymore.

I tried this powerbank just now, was kinda amazed by how quick it charges my phone.

Maybe I'm too just too "sua ba" about powerbanks. Never really used one.
My Note 2 and Note 3 served me way too well, my battery never go flat (I know right? haha, I always leave my house on full charge, that's number 1 rule).

I'm still working on USS Part 2, will be coming soon.
So caught up with work, simulation and also Tsum Tsum.....

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Anonymous said...

When are you headed to the US again and where? So exciting! I found your blog because of your posts from there so I can't wait to see what you'll end up writing this time. :) xo, d.