Sunday, December 14, 2014

140723 Captain Explorer DUKW Ride & Marine Life Park S.E.A Aquarium

Warning: This is a really image-heavy post.

That's why it took me so long. Okay, no, I was just lazy and busy.
Alright, shamelessly throwing back to July this year, we took the Captain Explorer DUKW Ride that comes with the citytour we signed up for. 
I was kinda skeptical about the boat ride initially, but it turns out to be fruitful. I managed to take a lot of pictures from different angles that normal tourists won't be able to take (if you don't take any boat rides along the river). 

So the starting point was at the Singapore Flyer.
Nope, didn't take this flyer ride.

So the boat thingy, can move on land and water. 
You will get what I mean later on.
We had a tour around the city early in the morning. 
The tour guide was kinda enthusiastic and explained a lot about the city. 

With the other tourists.

Into the water we go!

An irrelevant selfie on the way.

So I told you I was able to capture a lot of pictures from different angles.
Hence, enjoy below!
I took way too many I just filtered out some to share with you guys!

I really like this!

Taken from every angle.


Love how the red boat added a nice touch to it. hee.

Boat/Car whatever you want to call it.
It's also less shaky than I expected. But if you have like car sickness or boat sickness, I will advice you to take some meds or something.

After the ride, we were on our way to Marine Life Park S.E.A Aquarium!
The citytour arranged buses for us so it was free and easy. 

hi sister!

Found that this touch screen thing was powered by Dell. 
Proud employee moment?

They have exhibitions of a lot of traditional items and stuff. 

Something like Noah's Ark up there.

While some kids are busy with the PS4.

Here we go into the largest aquarium ever.

 Greeted by sharks.
I have never seen so many sharks in one place before honestly.
You know how you always see those few lonely sharks in small aquariums...

It was hard trying to capture pictures of swimming fishes in the dark.

Nope, these aren't real. Just tiny exhibitions.

The walkway. Cannot remove them photobombs so let's embrace them.

This face. I can't. So he deserves 3 pictures on my blog.

The whole aquarium experience was pretty cool and relaxing for some reason.
I guess because everything is dark and bluish. 

This was the most beautiful of all in my opinion. It's super super huge.
With all the colourful fishes in there.

haha them garden eels chilling.

this is just creepy.

Jellyfishes are awesome too. Look at how beautiful they are!

On to the biggest aquarium. I love this the most. A lot of teens, couples just sat there to enjoy the view.
It was truly calming and nice. If I'm super stressed out, I would want to come here for this.

Told ya. It's really really amazing. Worth to see it once in a life time. 

Finding nemo. They purposely put a Dory in there in a whole tankful of Nemos. aww. 

Obviously missing my sister a little too much now... 

Took more pics outside the globe because no photobombs.

Can someone tell my sister how fortunate she is to have a sister like me who is willing to take nice pics of her?

Before I end this post, here's our meal at the little cafe in the S.E.A Aquarium. I would say that they tasted quite good. Was too lazy to go look for food elsewhere. And fortunately, we didn't go to any food place that tasted badly in Singapore. 

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