Monday, December 22, 2014

140723 Night Safari

Final Singapore post! Yay!
We went to the Night Safari on the last night there. The tickets came along with the package we bought. Look for such packages so it's more worth it! However, the place was really hot and humid we didn't get down from the ride to walk. I would say that if you love animals, you should totally get down and walk! Def will take better pictures than mine below. Can't take anything through moving cars and the darkness. Didn't use flash because we were told not to affect the animals.

The wait took about 30-45 minutes if I remember correctly. Not too bad!

Two nicest pictures I managed to get. Flamingos and Elephants.
It was a nice ride though. Managed to see a lot of animals, just unable to take pics of them. 

hehe KwangSoo's friend.

These magnets were so cute!

Glow in the dark section.

Waited front row for the fire show. 
And got some really good pics.

Bought a bear bear bottle.


All in all, I was really satisfied with the Singapore trip. We managed to go to all the touristy spots in such short time, gotten all necessary pictures, and best part is attended all those shows with specific time. Happy with my good planning. lol lol. 

On the last day before leaving..

 So many different flavours!

 Hi Cara. 

 walking walking along the streets.
extremely overpriced Abercrombie & Fitch..

 hehe cutesy

of course we have to visit them!


Went to buy SOS spot gel! best for acne treatment! I wish Malaysia start selling them. 

 Korean food in Singapore is so good I can't.


 tried the peanut butter cone. It was peanut-ty but not butter-ry. lol

Here you have two of my selfies. 
Always in Navy blue idkwhy.

 Visit the swimming pool before checking out!

them details!

 bye Singapore!
waiting for family to check in and accompanied them into their terminal before leaving to mine.
almost thought they wouldn't let me in because I was at the wrong terminal. 

 brought the fam to visit butterfly farm and got more pictures <3

sister airport fashion. lol

air plane version I just had to buy them!

tiny snack on the plane. 

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