Friday, December 26, 2014

140808 Outing with Sis

Proud to be done with SG travel post and move on to normal life. haha
All pictures taken in this post are from my Fuji XT1. While I was editing the pictures, I noticed the difference instantly. Although the lens do not have a fix aperture of 2.8 like my canon, it's still so sharp with pretty bokehs. 
The only downside I would say is, since the aperture aren't fixed at 2.8, the Fuji has more trouble in lowlight in comparison to my Canon Tamron combo. 

Enjoy the pics below!

Followed sis out for a photoshoot.

Joyeux Cafe at Nagore Road..

Too expensive alreadyyyy.

Botanical Gardens


 Best pic of the year I'm telling you. haha

Sneaking in my favourite pair of Nikes. hehe

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