Saturday, December 27, 2014

Some Noms

Jam Cafe near USM at Sg Dua with sister.
A lot of students go there.. especially during lunch time.

Address: 727-E, Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700 Gelugor, Penang

They serve western food mainly and also some local delicacies like Fried Rice. Not too bad either.
However, if it's like peak hours during lunch/dinner on weekends, there will be parking problems though. 

The plate bothered me a lot. T_T
Whenever I try to cut the meat, it causes some kind of friction against the metal aluminium plate thingy. All in all, the price is okay, not overpriced, but for some reason I only went there twice. Maybe because there's just way too many western food options nowadays. haha


Noms with Dad at Traders Hotel.

My usual routine at buffets. Can't eat much, never worth it. lol.
I will take like one and a half plate or two plates of main dishes, max. 
A plate of desserts, MUST.
Then ice cream, end. 

Every time I go buffet with friends that aren't that close to me, or colleagues, they think I should eat more than what I take. They think someone like my size eat more usually. Sadly, nope. I don't have a big appetite at all. I prefer a bit of everything. It's the one thing I hate about myself, when people who are half my size eat double my portion. T_T girl problems. 

I will always love Ice Cream and chocolate toppings. Forever and ever. :)
A buffet without good ice cream will not be a good buffet in my books. hahaha
A buffet that doesn't give you chocolate hershey syrup, sucks. Yup, E&O, I'm talking about you. hahaha

p.s I hope you notice the upgrade in quality of my pics. teehee. 

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