Saturday, January 31, 2015

150109 Hong Kong Part 2

Second and last post for Hong Kong!
Can't believe I filtered through the pictures so fast, in between jet lags and early mornings.
I'm so glad I woke up an hour later at 7am than I usually do for the past few days. But I still wake up a lot in the middle of the night... Alright, we will work on that, body.

ISO 100 1/1100 so sharp! kudos fuji.

I like how there's so many people who suit up! same goes to chicago.

busy streets.

I wanted these. But the colour aren't that nice or else who knows what I will do. hahah

street shopping.

old buildings.

slightly newer apartments.

wanted to start taking pictures of people's shoes again, just like when in Aussie. But I can't really do that in NYC and Chicago because it's crowded most of the time. And also I was struggling not to fall in snow in Chicago so... haha excuses much but there really weren't many chances. :(

Just the perfect weather. 

I bought super mario! 
If I remember correctly, it's 40HKD for two. Took me real long to decide what I want. 
My loyalty for Buzz wavered because he's just not that cute in blocks. :(

Walking to the Avenue of Stars

Praises self for good shot of Nicolas.

when the wind gets strong...

We hang around there for a few hours till it turns dark. 
It was really relaxing. I feel like if I stay there, I will frequent this place just to have some peace, away from the hectic city. (We all know how fast HK people walk...)

I also managed to steal wifi for 20 mins (their limit), by sitting outside of Starbucks. lol lol

Beautiful isn't it?

We then left for our 12 hour flight to LA then another 3 and a half hour flight to Chicago.
Next up Chicago! 
I usually don't go through the pictures I take until I start filtering them and editing them straightaway. So I'm excited to see what I have too! :D

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