Friday, January 16, 2015

Quick Update

I'm currently on a plane flying from NYC to Orlando!
So excited for Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter tomorrow.
Also very excited because it's my first free wifi experience on a plane, and it's Jetblue, which we chose because it was the cheapest option. Awesome, or what? haha

So, I have been to Hong Kong, Chicago and NYC for the past week.
It was madness, walking so much everyday but I love how I'm able to travel with so much pre-researched knowledge.

Also, mainly because the trip was wholly planned by me, I realized the flaws when I'm actually there.
Hence, making me feel like I should write something about it.
Like best options for transportation from airport to the city etc.
Because trust me, I did months of research and although tripadvisor provides a lot information, they don't explain them in detail. It gets tough when you have so many luggage to drag along and no one on tripadvisor tells you how hard is it to drag luggage down from stairs. No one tells you how crazy packed and frustrating it is to navigate around in Penn Station. lol.
Suddenly glad the last time I went to NYC was by bus.

Anyhow, I'm still surviving, however missing meals here and there everyday. Probably only have two meals per day and they aren't even proper meals. :/
My eyebags are so bad, dark circles, pale face, bad skin, my finger joints are cracking, lips are cracking, and just yesterday the heel behind my feet cracked and bleed, then this morning there's a scratch on my eye, not sure if it's because of my nails.. which I used scissors to cut because I forgot to bring nailclippers. lol

Am I scaring you with all these talk, don't worry haha I will tell you the fun parts soon. :)

Alright, I'm landing. Bye!


Anonymous said...

you gotta know where the elevators are maybe but they're always in some illogical place and covered in fresh urine lol. it's really a shame i didn't know this was where you were headed. but, still, i am completely amazed by the work you did. chicago to new york/new jersey to orlando to austin. that's legitimately insane.

take care. i hope now that you're able to settle in, you'll be able to catch up on rest and meals. x, d.

Chia Yi Lian said...

Thank you! I read your email but didnt have time to reply yet. It's insane, seriously. I'm now so glad to be in my own room in Austin and have some alone quiet time. To add on to the long insane list, we are going to LA for a few days after Austin.

What was I thinking? haha but I guess it's all worth it. Who knows when I will come back here again.

I will update soon when I clear off all my work emails and have a good rest :D

Anonymous said...

No problem! I just had to write in case you'd be there a few more days.

Hope your hotel room is as comfortable as the one in India. Enjoy your breakfast buffets!

Totally nuts schedule but I love LA and I think you will too. Drop by In N Out, see how it compares to Five Guys. Ask for animal-style fries. ;)

I'm sure you'll be back there again. JetBlue needs you to keep their company running haha just playing!

Can't wait for your entries. The only interesting thing for me to read that week. x, d.