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150111-150112 Chicago Part 3

Final part of my Chicago posts! Image-heavy. I hope you like them all!
Old posts here: Part 1, Part 2.

Continuation of Day 2 from the previous post.  
I'm writing this at 2am so forgive me if I'm babbling too much.

It was a Sunday, everything was quiet and peaceful. 
All shops open later, close earlier. 
(which is the exact opposite of what we have here. I don't understand why should shops close earlier on weekends. Still don't get it. Don't people do shopping on weekends?!..)

One of the highlights of the day is that I made the best decision ever to go see Chicago River. lol!
Nothing like pictures my friends usually take because the river is frozen. But it's magnificent nevertheless. 

Then we went to Skydeck Chicago, no queue at all. Awesome possum. 

I was rushing to buy stuff for my sister that I did not really take pics of stores and shops.
I also skipped dinner with them at 3.30pm. I brought them to Gino's East for the famous deep dish pizza then I left. Yes, why dinner at 3.30pm? Because we were messed up. We didn't even eat lunch... And for some reason (jet lag maybe), we won't be hungry at night before we sleep. But, I will be hungry at 4am so go figure -.-

I had to go to Ulta and use up my free gift card that they sent me months ago. And it closes at 5pm or 6pm. It was crazy. Mental breakdown trying to use up that gift card honestly. Like what make up should I buy?! What is worth?! 
I will probably share my haul with you after I'm done with all the buildings/scenery posts. 

I also went to Footlocker and bought myself a pair of Jordans. 

When I leave the store, it was dark although it's only 6-ish. And worse even, it was snowing so heavily I can't see anything. My boots were also so slippery. That pair of old boots really served me till the end of its life. lol. And I haven't eaten anything since 7am in the morning, had two energy bars though. Can someone explain to me how is this possible. lol. hungry all day but I just kept going. Insane -.- 
Then of course, as I mentioned before, McDonalds is always there when you need them.
Bought 10 nuggets and took the sub back to the hotel. 
When I got back, the others were back already and left me some deep dish pizza. It's so thick but tasted so good! Glad that I at least got to try it. teehee. 

Scroll down for all the pics and more captions. 

I really liked the uniformity of the windows and how they aren't just flat across. 

Red Line. The main line we use everyday at that time to leave hotel and get back to the hotel. 

We were walking past this small park which is covered in snow. 
And I know they wanted to stand in snow and take pics and stuff so I offered to do that and they got all excited. haha

Jie En and I

Vanessa. with the help of wind. And my good skills. Ha ha..... 

Pritzker Park

I'm so glad I have my Fuji with me on this trip. The sharpness of these pics. Thumbs up. 

Art Institute of Chicago. haha. pattern. sorry.

I then realize the reason why I like these pics. It's because they are so different, yet so similar. Repeated patterns. Mad awesome details. 

Especially this one. Look at the detailed work. no words. 

If I remember correctly, this is along N Wabash Avenue. I think. 

Chicago Tribune.

Love this building!!

Trump tower and the bridge.There are a lot of bridges that cross the Chicago River. 
I'm just not sure if all are as nice as this one? I think so... There's this Chicago Riverwalk thing below that allows you to walk along the river but because it's winter. I don't think anyone would want to walk along the river. haha

That was when I wish I lived in Chicago. 
Can you imagine living in a place where it's not hot all year, having beautiful scenery, parks for you to relax, buildings to make you (or me) feel like it's a city, crazy convenient transportation system and all the shopping you need in one place. There were people who told me that Chicago is a beautiful city, there were also people who told me that it's a boring place before I went there. 

So, my POV is that it is indeed beautiful, nice city to live in, could be boring, but for me it's just the right amount of peace and hectic. I don't think my answer will vary much even if I'm not on vacation. so yeah..
And just FYI, I can't stand too much peace, that will be too depressing and boring for me. hahahah

And as you obviously know already, I'm gonna list Chicago as one of my favourite cities from here onward. 

Lays covered in chocolate. Walgreens was everywhere too. So I bought stuff like energy bars, cookies. And also Wet n Wild lipsticks! 

Oh ya, my skin was cracking and bleeding so bad, and I forgot my prescription cream.. left it at home in Malaysia. So I went to Walgreens Pharmacy and the pharmacist was so helpful! He told me he cannot give me the cream I use but he recommended me another cream which is closest to what I have. And it's like miracle! My skin started to recover and I was so happy. 
I brought it home and mum googled that it is also amazingly good to relief mosquito bites. She used it and she was so amazed. My mum feeds mosquitoes all the time. So this cream is like our precious life saving cream now. 

If you are wondering, it's this one. Multi-purpose much. haha 

Look at this parking lot! Way too cool! 
I was so curious and was thinking why are all the cars reverse parked.
Because I have never seen any American reverse park their car the whole two months when I was in NY back then. Plus all the cars seem too close to the edge. haha. 

So, I went on Google, it's valet parking apparently. lol lol

One of my favourite pics!

One of the successful subway pic I took. 
So what I wanted to do was to take pictures of people on the trains. But I failed miserably especially when in NYC. There's no space for you to even take anything. -.- No space to sit. All I see is people's hair and back..

Walk walk walk. Walking to Skydeck Chicago on Sears Tower/Willis Tower.
Bought my tickets from below website before we went there, you get discounts as long as you select more than two locations. Best part is you can combine the cities. For some attractions, you can skip the tickets lane queue. 
For us, not much difference because there was no queue at all. LOL. We were there around 2-ish PM on a Sunday. Where's everyone?!

Oh, and definitely go when the sky is clear, no glaring sun whatsoever or else your picture won't be nice. You will get what I mean later.

In the elevator. On our way to 103rd floor. And the entire ride takes like 90 seconds.

When I came back my uncle was like, is it 50+ floors? I'm like er no. It's more than a hundred. haha
Kudos to Nicolas because he's afraid of heights and we did tell him it's okay, he don't have to join us but he did. And he stood on the ledge too. 

Why so beautiful! 
For me, it's worth the price. Less than 20usd for this view.
And it's 360 view. 
Try imagine it's one floor, 360 view see through glass and a few ledges for you to stand outside on glass.

How can I be not afraid at all? Where are my limits I really don't know. 
I thought I can find out through this trip but nope, no answer yet. 

So, one of the things I wanted to know is whether am I really not afraid of extreme rides (Universal Studios!) or feel a tad bit nervous when standing on this. Nope. None. (and I took all roller coasters at Universals, their roller coasters are way more extreme than what we have here)

The next thing I want to do is to go skydiving. I don't think anyone is not afraid of that. So yes! In the next few years, I have to do that I don't careee.

I sat. I stood. I took pictures for others while standing on that glass. It was so fun because this entire thing is a cool experience for me. Also tried taking a cooler pic while lying down. Yep. but it turns out, only people with a hot body can look cool lying down on glass.

I can't wait to send these photos to print! Then buy some nice frames to frame them up.
So from this pic you can see the frozen river.

On this one, you can see the park I went in the previous post. 

The area with not so many high rise buildings.

The contrast.

Please tell me you think this is cool too. That I'm not the only one having delusional thoughts about Chicago. hahahha

That night, I slept around 10pm and woke up at 3am. Was so hungry and somehow Jie En woke up too. Then everyone woke up.. so we ate Lays. And don't judge me, but I printed and brought the Woodbury outlet map and directory for when we are in NYC next. And they get to see what stores they wanna go etc because we all know outlets are hugeee. Priorities need to be set. Time is limited yo. Isn't it nice to travel with me and have me as the planner? HAHAHA 

After some junk food and shopping talk, we all went back to sleep.

I slept for 2 hours only then I went down for breakfast and went out on my own. 
It was our last morning there. Our flight was at noon.
I wanted to take a few last pictures or explore the place on my own.
Didn't go far though. I probably should. Regretting it now.

By now, I'm not sure if you can tell my character. I feel like I'm revealing too much to you. Haha but I appreciate alone time a lot. And I also like to travel places on my own honestly. 
Mum's not worried that much when it's in the States because there are like safe places and people do walk on their own. But when I was in China, I took a cab out on my own at night and everyone freaking freaked out.... I won't do that again, I think. lol. I was just bored ma...

this was so goooooood.

Monday morning. Empty streets. And I hope this picture doesn't ruin snow for you. 
But honestly, I wish Chicago wasn't snowing at that time. Look at all the dirt and mud and ice then imagine how slippery it is.

I think every picture looks the same to you now right? hahahah that's what my mum says. 

Thank this man because his job is to spread salt on the streets to melt ice. 
One of the reason why my old boots got so ruined is also because of the salt damage... 

Check out!

I just realize that I have never shared the view from our hotel room. Yup, nice right? :D
The window is extremely huge and I loved it.

Took the Blue Line back to the airport and it was so sunny. Yep, sunny through the airport window glass and hot because of the heater. So I had to buy myself a milkshake. What sorcery is this. 

The face and eyebag which tell you I'm not over my jetlag yet and I barely had any sleep the night before. Oh and this sweater was 15USD from H&M. I love it!

By the time we reached Newark airport, it was evening already. 
Thank you all for reading this far, or scrolling this far. This marks the end of my Chicago 2 days 2 nights trip.
I'm currently deciding if I should follow the flow and move on to NYC next? or write about Orlando first? Mum keeps telling me she wants to see the Orlando Harry Potter world post! hahaha 

Leave a comment in the chatbox to help me decide if you want to. 
There's also Los Angeles. Which can be pretty refreshing if you are tired of seeing all the buildings and skyscrapers.

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