Sunday, March 15, 2015

Air Jordan Flight 9.5

If you are wondering why I have been gone for so long, I downloaded The Sims 3 and the Expansion Pack: Island Paradise.... And my life changed ever since. Ha ha ha..
But I mean, really, I stopped doing everything and play it for hours daily, knowing I shouldn't but yeah.

I want to spend time to write the travel posts at Orlando properly, capturing my magical experience at the place, so I'm gonna take more time I guess. :D

So yeah, here's a short one.
New shoes post!
I didn't expect myself to like this pair of shoes THAT much. Until I came back home and started wearing it all the time. It's so comfyyyy.

Bought these from Foot Locker in Chicago for 60 USD.
There were so many colours: black/mint green, grey, red, blue but in the end I chose the black/grey one.

Here's how they look like :D

Shoes shoes shoes

Was so so so tempted to buy those AJ4s which were just released.
But I felt like it wasn't worth it since colours aren't my fave either, think it was 140USD.
I also wanted to buy AF1s, but I didn't. Not sure, dont't know. Shoe decisions were the hardest to make the whole time when I was there. :/

I wanted to bring the box back too. So I opened it all up and stuff them into my luggage. And yes! :)
One of the details that attracted me was the material and texture. Leather-ish PU-ish surface mostly. 

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