Wednesday, May 27, 2015

150116 Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure

All Orlando pics and USF IOA pictures hereee. 
Months after my trip.. still slowly filtering the pictures.. 

The flight from NYC to Orlando has free wifi on the planeeee! Jetblue thanks!
I was so excited just because it's free and I got to use the internet while eating a few bags of Doritos. 

We arrived the hotel at night. It was a nice place :)
They have a small kitchen area, and also a small dining table and microwave which came extremely useful when we tried to heat up our Buffalo wings. 
They also provide free shuttle to the theme parks.

And yes! Long ago when I was planning the trip, I already found out that Buffalo Wild Wings is just nearby our hotel. YESSSSS!!! 
I was so exciteddd. We walked 15-20 mins under rain though (drizzle not heavy), but it was worth it!

The excitement! When will Buffalo Wild Wings decide to venture outtt?! Come Malaysia pleaseee. 

Not sure what this is. Looks like a church. but the streets we were walking along were so quietttt and empty. But the hotel folks told us it's safe. so yeah. 

I shall continue with my theme park photos. We spent most of our time playing roller coasters and me fangirling in Harry Potter World.
I think I was stupid for not taking pictures of every roller coaster ride I took.
 Oh well, too excited and forgot everything.
However, no regrets, because I tried them alllll!
If I were to pick a favourite, it would be the Incredible Hulk ride. 

Oh wait, the  Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit was fun too! Because we got to choose the song we want to play throughout the entire ride. And I picked Kanye West- Stronger, since then, everytime I hear that song, I can't help but feel the adrenaline rush again. haha

The blonde teenage girl who sat beside me was so cute. She was like let's hold hands? I was like okay! and then when we reached the peak she was like Let go and raise your hands! For some reason I went with it, and it was the best feeling ever! 

This one was about showing you how they film movies using different tricks and techniques. 
Fun to watch. The outcome was looks quite legit to be honest. haha

We also got to sit in a sub/train thingy and experience how earthquake feels like. 
We were in the middle of fire, flood, earthquake; all sorts of disaster. Pretty cool. 

We took the transformer ride. It's exactly the same as the one in Universal Studios Singapore. 
But we thought Nicolas should try it out. so yep. 

The last time I had dippin dots was roughly 4 years ago in Buffalo.
It's ice cream but disappears the moment you eat them. (sublimation?!?)
Not sure what's the scientific theory behind this, lol

Marvel Super Hero Island! :)

Captain America leaving his shift. I was only 1 minute late.....

Comic World.

The incredible hulk ride. I took it at night. and the view was breathtaking, upside down. haha

At the end of the day, our feet hurt so much we were like, let's go back now. 
We could have hang around the area I guess. haha oh well. 

So tired we ordered Chinese food.
It was weird on so many levels...
And the portion is crazy huge. 

I think people usually eat from takeout boxes but we wanted to share. And it turned out to be a spongebob-like fried rice. lolol

Oh and I forgot to mention, we went to an outlet nearby the night before too.
Not too bad, lots of cheap stuff as well, but we didn't have much time :(

I'm so glad we decided to go to Orlando. 
It was one of the best decisions ever made, along with deciding to go to Chicago no matter what anyone else say. haha

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