Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Photo Dump

Taking a short break from the US travel posts.
Some photos from January. (It's June now and I'm posting January stuff. What a joke. lol)

I don't think I have really posted any FDP related pictures on my blog. 
There are the ones from the juniors' Regional Conference we attended when we got back from the States. 

Dinner after CSR

CSR day.
We did cleaning and painting. And also played with the kids. 

Sing sing and I <3

Yu Juin and I. 

the "Mai." face with Nicol.

Introducing Han Fang.

Pretty Sing Sing

Rachi Chan

Dinner at Western Spices

my flintstone artwork was the cutestttt.

Random photos.

I always use CY when I go to Starbucks. Easiest way to spell my name.

Kampai at e-gate. so so food.

buffet lunch noms at Cititel Hotel.

Still waiting for the day I have the guts to change my hair style..

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