Wednesday, July 29, 2015

150723 FDP Graduation

So... two years have passed since I came to Dell and joined FDP (Finance Development Program.. if you are wondering). It's crazy how time flies to be honest. I can never imagine myself being here right now two years ago. All we ever thought about was how tough the program is, how are we going to survive case studies, survive exams, simulations and projects, yet here we are, ready to move on into a permanent promoted role where we will not rotate every 6 months anymore, no more extra assignments, no more exams..

The strongest feeling I had on that day was the fact that none of us will be in the same room again. We might bump into each other when we travel but the whole class will not be gathered in the same conference anymore. Furthermore, we are the largest class in FDP history. I heard so much about different countries, culture and exciting adventures these people had. 
Not being able to join conferences anymore and slot in travels on the way really made me sad... :( 
The conference in July next year is going to be held for the first time in one of the continents I have never stepped foot on. It's gonna be so cool. Juniors be excited, seniors be jealous. 

The program has given me so much valuable experiences I don't think I will be able to get elsewhere. 
I met so many wonderful and talented people and hope to meet even more in future when the new classes come in. 
To conclude, I would say fun and challenges aside, joining the program is one of the best decisions I have ever made in life (now that I'm done with it... haha, pretty sure I didn't say that when we had crazy schedules)

Also, to think about it.. I wouldn't have gone to Taj Mahal or Xiamen, China if not because of the conferences and boot camp. Having the opportunity to go on a US trip again was one of the best things ever. 

Class 10: Tenacious
The conference this time around was at Rasa Sayang. The folks were so happy they are finally coming to Penang, while the Penang peeps were slightly disappointed.... I was. haha

Graduation at E&O

 With my ladies.
Brought Rachel as my date. haha



 I talk to these people at least twice every week for the past few months. 
Finally coming together and presenting on our CSI project.

 with APJ folks!

My junior buddy who will be graduating in January!

 Just thought that this would make an interesting picture..

 APJ peeps once again <3

With Larissa and Cory squatting for no reason, and Rick lurking behind.

 We went to the 360 bar above Bayview Hotel after that and the customers from the existing 3 tables there were looking at us because our people kept coming in and occupied the entire area. 
The bartenders were so happy I assure you, such good business brought to them on a Thursday. haha

Dinner noms:

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