Tuesday, August 04, 2015

July 2015 Conference

Conference photo dump!

Graduating class group pic.

Batik Painting group pic. Not sure if you can spot me..

My room at Rasa Sayang. 
Nothing feels better than having a big room all to yourself.

Trying to build the highest tower. 

At the lounge playing pool with the team

CSR where the leaders got hit by foam pies.

Went to Sing May's room to get stuff and we were surprised that Golden Sands gave her a cake because it was her birthday!!

Dinner with people under the same org from all over the world.

Titanic show after we managed to raise a certain amount of funds for both of the execs.

Brought my HDMI cable to watch shows in the room at night.

Hawker food with batchmates, Most memorable being Alec found his love with Satay

Celebrating Sing May's birthday by the beach as a surprise.

Opening ceremony in LED lights and EDM. then out came LED Lions with Lion Dance performance. Wish those LED sticks lasted longer :( 

Sem 4 has a pretty chilled schedule in comparison to the juniors. haha going back to my room every opportunity I had.

Garden Dinner

With Dell's CFO


Oh and I gotten my Asian Zing Buffalo Wild Wings sauce from Vanessa! Can't wait to try it out!
Hopefully it tastes as good as when I ordered it at BWW. 

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Anonymous said...

Take us to NY and LA, Miss Cy! (: x, d.