Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation

One of my most satisfied purchases recently.
My Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen!

One day, I just got really fed up between wanting to read more and feeling the eye strain.
I'm used to reading on my phone for years already, with larger fonts of course and black background. But I'm sure it's killing my eyes slowly because my eyesight became worse. 
I decided to go on Lowyat forum to search for Kindles. After doing some research, I decided that I'm going to get myself a Paperwhite. The thing is, there's also this new Paperwhite 3rd Gen (2015) version which was just released and the cheapest price I found was RM600 - which I considered quite costly for something I don't get to hands on try it and have a real physical look, plus the only usage was to read e-books. I also did research on its useful life, and it claims to "survive" for 3 years, also the battery will soon deteriorate, I don't know? Seems short to me for an e-reader.. Of course to Americans it's nothing, to buy something thats only $100+, they posted on those forums that they don't mind to change it now and then, or upgrade whenever a new gen is released. For us, it's real pain, especially when Malaysia currency is doing not so good....

Then, I saw this post, someone was selling their used Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen, Wifi, 2gb, no ads version (which costs more) for RM200. Decided to go with it, and I have been really happy since. Haha!
It was under some delicate care I suppose, no scratch, no dents, nothing came off, like new! 

Another thing I really liked is when I updated the firmware, Goodreads addon came in!
Nothing is more convenient than being able to check on Goodreads straightaway whenever I need to search for books or update reading progress. Okay, such a nerd. But oh well :X

Size comparison with my Samsung Note 3. 
Kindle is about 6 inch. Fits perfectly in my hand, not heavy enough to make me feel tired while reading with one hand. Too good. 

 I didn't know how e-ink was supposed to look like. People say it's like reading a real book, words on paper. I was skeptical, but woah, it's the closest thing to an actual book.
Especially that obvious comfort my eyes felt. So I'm reading at an even faster pace than normal!

So, just to give you an idea, it's not as glaring as LCD screens because it's like matte-ish?
Top photo is with half the brightness turned on.
Bottom photo is without any brightness, literally no backlight (didn't edit so you can see true picture), it's still readable!
Just too cool. Looks like those dummy tablets/phones basically.

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