Monday, August 03, 2015

Xiaoyi Sports Camera

After a lot of consideration and watching/reading reviews, I decided to get the Xiaoyi camera.
Partly also because some of the FDPs were asking the China FDPs to help us get them. It is 399rmb which roughly converts to RM240. I have always wanted a wide lens but Fuji wide lens is just wayy too expensive and this serves as a fun toy for me to play. 

In bright daylight, it's so clear and sharp but it's not that good at night. Fine by me though. So I would say if you are into the adventure life and all, get a GoPro for sure! But if you are like me, who commutes between office, home, malls/cafes, just want to take fun pics with friends, get this one.

I believe you can see the difference between indoor and outdoor pics below.
Thanks Lion for helping me get it! We played with it so much during conference week :)

So.. enjoy the pics below!

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