Saturday, September 26, 2015

150113-150115 NYC Part 1

Just a quick warning, this post is really image-heavy.

A couple of tips: 

1. As I mentioned in my previous Chicago post, we bought all our admission tickets by building our own city pass, you can combine different cities onto one pass. And if you cannot process your credit card online, you can call their hotline and they will help you. 

I find this really convenient because we don't have time to follow their entire tour package, also due to the fact that some places don't really interest us and we want some free and easy time. So building a customized city pass was the best option. 
You don't have to queue for most attractions (depending on where you choose to go), and also you get discounts if you choose 2 or more destinations. 

2. Mark all the spots you want to go onto google maps. 

So what I did was I login to my gmail account and 'star' all those tourist spots and shops I want to visit. 
Let's say I know I want to go to F21, I mark most of the F21 shops around the area I will be throughout the days. I do this by moving around on the maps on my computer and 'star' everything that interests me. It's easy because most shopping places are located together in an area. 

The reason why I do this is because I want to make sure when I visit a must-go spot and it's lunch time/dinner time or I'm early on my plan, I can just open the maps on my phone and see which 'starred' place I can go nearby. Rather than trying to locate them there and then. 

3. If you travel more than 3 days in NYC, then it's def worth it to get the 1 week metro card that allows you to get on buses and subway unlimited amount of times. Save the hassle of having to purchase individual tickets every time too. Details here

4. NYC Subway guide here:
Just know the basics like how to determine the direction once you get out of the tunnel, or what colour indicates 'exit only' etc which will be really helpful. 

Alright, more pics less talking, I will drop more tips as I go.

Different from the usual yellow metrocard. 

We flew into Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) instead of JFK because EWR has better transportation options. Took the Airtrain Newark and got down at NY Penn Station, pretty simple. Although the experience at Penn Station will never be a first good impression for any tourist imho. Google maps will guide you with every transportation options so do your homework early. 

waiting for the train

No pictures at Penn Station because it was just chaos, with luggage and everything...
But eventually we transferred subway stations and found our way to the hotel.
Stayed at Holiday Inn on Midtown-57th Street. No photos!! No idea why... I think I was just too tired and we were starving so rushed out for dinner and some exploring. 

Dinner at Five Guys.
I starred all Five Guys in NYC on my maps so it was just on our way to Times Square we stopped by and grabbed burgers. 

After enjoying our burgers, it started to drizzle.... :(

Heading to 5th Avenue

The infamous Apple Store.
Went in to hide from the rain... 

You can stay there all day and no one will question you. I have read tips on how to get online while travelling in US and people always suggest the Apple Stores. lol.

Arrived at Times Square.
I still remember how in awe I was the first time I was there a couple of years ago. 
It felt like daytime because it was so brightly lit.

Steps were slippery from the rain and closed, hence a rare no photobomb at the red stairs picture.

Did some shopping there..

Aerie having these in every fitting room, with every bra size, how considerate is that!

I went into Disney and went straight to meet my Tsum Tsums.... 

Forever 21

The grey and white version of my black ones I got in Chicago here:
Should have gotten the grey ones too right!! :(

This gate closed at night. NOOO
so we always have to walk further at night...

Our hotel.

Day 2: Only one mission - Woodbury Commons Outlet 
(please research further on this outlet in NY! it's amazingg)

bought breakfast to eat in the bus and boarded the bus in Penn Station. 

Here we are, early in the morning right before it opens.
We were giving a coupon booklet (awesome) and a map.
But I have already printed the map and researched on it before we came. Call me crazy but this is efficiency and being organized so you know what are the must-gos-shops and go-if-you-have-time-shops.

why a luggage you ask? because people bring empty luggage to shop there. best idea ever. 
free and easy, no pain on my back, free hands easy to shop. :D

Just to give you an idea, the outlet is in the middle of nowhere. Hence, so much land for so many outlet stores.

Then.. ain't nobody got time for pictures when the stores opened. 

At night, got out of Penn Station. Went to Macy's for more shopping...

Remember that they have tourists discounts so go to the information center along with your passport and get that discount. Basically you can have 10% discount on almost everything. Almost.
Lucky I still remember this from my visit years ago. 
And NYC is the best because there's no tax on $110 and below items for things like clothes, shoes, watches, bags, skin stuff etc - all your materialistic needs. lolol

Jie En's haul for the day not mine.
I was too busy trying to pack away my stuff...

but a couple of significant things I got.
An Armani Exchange watch for sister.

Okay, where's the Michael Kors watch I bought.. Shall show you in my next post...


NARS from Sephora for free as the birthday gift.

Best purchase ever. Okay maybe not. Because everything felt the best to me.
My sister was asking why I never took pics of everything I bought on the US trip. Maybe I should...
Anyways, this of course is a pair of Timberland boots! Why black not brown you ask, because I felt the brown ones were too obvious and make me legs look shorter. With this black one, paired with jeans, perfecto. Plus, I never have to care if it gets dirty. 
I never really cared if it's Waterproof or not, only when it snowed at that time, but little did I know, this became my favourite pair of 'office shoes'. I wear them almost everyday to work now because of the bad weather. Never have to worry anymore if I park beside a puddle of something or the rain ruins one of my suede sneakers. 

This was $100 at Timberland Outlets at Woodbury. Wheeee :)
I wanted Navy blue though initially but out of size..

We decided to split and all of them headed to visit the Statue of Liberty while I went to 9/11 memorial and Brooklyn Bridge on my own. I visited the Liberty lady before hence I thought it's just not necessary to go again..

The firefighters who sacrificed their lives on 11th September.
Speaking about 9/11, I came across Meg Cabot's blog where she wrote about her experience during 9/11. Definitely worth reading.

I realized that not many people in Malaysia knows what happened to the location of WTC after that.
So this is how it looks like. South Pool. With the names of those unfortunates engraved around it.

The place is very quiet and peaceful.

Soon, I found my way out and went on a bus, apparently free as advised by kind bus driver who passed by when I asked what's the fastest way to get to Water Street.
I was trying to go to Abercrombie & Fitch to use my gift card with $50 on it. So yeah..

Came across this coincidentally.

Then, I took the subway and went over to Brooklyn alone.

And I saw this cool lady dragging along all these dogs.
Is she a dog walker? I have no idea. haha

Okay, finally after finding some directions and walking out. I see the bridge!
Years ago, I have seen the bridge from Manhattan's side, so I decided to come over to Brooklyn side... Does it feel like one of the Gossip Girl scenes.. where they always show where Dan stays. 

The up close picture of the bridge will come in my next post. As I figured I shouldn't make this post even longer anymore. Heh. Hope you enjoyed. :)
Pictures from the group that went to Statue of Liberty. 
Thought I would share. I gave them my DSLR while I held on to my Fuji so they got to take good pics too :)

Century 21 is the best! 
Please go if you are in NYC. Amazing deals on designer items. 
Bought a Samsonite bag and a couple of purses there from Tommy Hilfiger to DKNY :) 


Anonymous said...

Omg thank you CY!! Have been sporadically checking your blog since you came back for this lol. Great photos, great post and you're looking like a local too. Definitely the right choice to do Brooklyn Bridge. It's unmissable in my opinion and the best free thing to do in the city. Jelly of your Metrocard! I'd keep it in a safety deposit box haha. Btw I think you meant Five Guys for the pic :) The photo of the South pool is a little eerie considering the building stood there.

Did you do an NYC slice?

I just returned from HK and wish I'd planned like a CY Bawse. I had so much to do and so little time I totally forgot about the pineapple buns. Fail.

x, d.

Chia Yi Lian said...

Haha omg! Can't believe I wrote Shake Shack instead. I had Shake Shack in Chicago. I guess I was confused for a moment. Thanks for the heads up!

Yes. The moment I stepped into the Memorial grounds, I definitely felt something. But I don't know how to describe it. I went and look up 911 stories and videos and it's really difficult to comprehend that something like that happened there more than a decade ago.

No, unfortunately I didn't. But I had it the first time I was in NYC. I wish I had more time in NYC. Should have took more days off work for this vacation :(

I'm so glad you visit my blog so frequent, will not let you down! I will try to update soon but the delay was because I had to study for my CPA exam which is on 12th Oct. Trying to cramp the entire textbook into my brain. ugh.