Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kindle Paperwhite 2015

After I got my first Kindle Paperwhite here, I was immediately on the hunt for a second Kindle Paperwhite.
As I wanted my mum to have her own Kindle.

Lowyat sellers were selling the 2015 one for RM600 and that's the cheapest I found... I was hesitating as I thought maybe I can find a cheap second hand one again..

Then one day, my mum told me that Groupon is selling it for RM536 only. Hesitated again as I wasn't sure if it's legit and all. Finally, after a lot of consideration and thoughts, I decided to get it once and for all haha. No regrets now. 

The 2015 generation wasn't very different from the one in 2014, just that the texts are crisper and the page flip is faster, that's all I felt. Still a great device that provides a great reading experience haha.

To make sure I keep track of how long this device will last..
To future me, I started using the Kindle on 8th Oct. 

 Left old, right new. 
My new one is a special offers version, meaning that there will be ads (as below) but will not affect you when you are reading. 
Amazon charges $20 extra for no ads version. 

Happy girl :)

Here's my goodreads, def looking for more people who share the same taste read together:

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