Sunday, November 08, 2015

150113-150115 NYC Part 2

Continuing from the previous post.. I was finding my way to get onto the Brooklyn Bridge.

Trailer homes. 

Finally found my way up!

but my feet were too sore to make me go any further plus I was carrying huge shopping bags from Century 21....
I know people often try to go to the middle of the bridge to take photos but I just can't. haha
Also, I had to go back into the city and meet with the rest to head up to Rockefeller Center, okay maybe just an excuse, because I had time to detour back to the hotel, drop my stuff, went to Columbus Circle for a short walk then only went to Rockfeller Center. lolol

Following these people into the subway, felt so much safer for some reason. lol. 

Weird ad I saw in Brooklyn subway.

On my way back to the hotel..

I love these buildings! It's like those apartments in TV shows where the main characters will climb out of their window and see their other half standing below proposing or something. lol

I still remember that feeling when I was at the hotel and had to fight the strong urge to just lie on my bed and forget about the rest of the day. 

Only in NYC.
Well maybe India, in India's case, they are cows.

urm. Orange ambulance, I just had to.

The center of Columbus Circle. 

I had no intention of taking any pictures there because I was alone.
But there were too girls who wanted a picture here and asked me to help them take, probably because I look harmless and I had my camera hung around my neck as well.
After I took it for them, they pointed at my camera and asked if I want one too. I was like okay then.

Then they saw him, and said hey he has a camera like you!
You must take a picture with him.
Seen they were so enthusiastic, I went along and posed with this sculpture despite my face looking extremely puffy after long walks in the cold. And now that I think about it, is it because I have a pig face that looks like it? lmao. Also I googled it, some say it's a bear. Oh well. 

Finally met up with the rest at Rockfeller Center. Ready to head up to Top of The Rock!
We went there around 4pm, because it's the best time where you can see both daytime and nighttime without getting the Sun and Star pass that allows you to go up twice per day.

Tour and talk before taking the lift up.

Some video going on at the roof of the lift, pretty cool effects.

Finally, at the top, not the top- top yet, this is just the first level.
If you are unimpressed, scroll on :)

The lightroom.
The light on the ceiling senses movement and follows you around, mad cool.

Alright, here comes the pictures.
I will recommend going up to Top of The Rock in comparison to Empire State Building, because you can see Empire State Building from here!
And based on what I research and hear from friends, the view is much better from here.

Central Park. Amazing.
I bet the view is way better if it's not winter and foggy.

So this is the first level I meant.

Highest spot you can go.

It was insanely cold but worth it for the view.

I stayed up there for an hour while the rest of them went inside to rest.
I insisted on waiting till the sky turns dark. Sat in the cold looking at this view, felt like one of those moments in life where you realize how small you are in this world. Truly stress-free moment.

Because it's winter, night comes fast. It was around 5-ish when the lights came on in the city and I was there to see it all. I don't even know how to describe that feeling when you see the city lights turn on one by one.

And when the sun goes down completely, it was breathtaking.

Being extremely satisfied and happy, starving too, I brought them to BonChon Chicken.
The korean fried chicken was so goooood! It was better than Kyochon. 
BonChon, when you coming to Malaysia?

Did shopping at Macy's after that and went right to bed.
Ready for an early morning where we have to get ourselves to the airport and fly to Orlando.

We had breakfast at this place called Morning Star Restaurant, near our hotel.

The American breakfast was good. heh :D

Face and eyes still puffy from the all the lack of sleep accumulated.
As the vacation went on, my chan-ness increased. haha.

Hope you enjoyed my NYC posts!
Can't believe I'm only left with LA and Austin to post.
Sometimes I take comfort in knowing that I have yet to post my travel pictures so I can relive everything when I blog about them. Oh nos :(


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaa! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Haha I agree with you about traveling again through the post. Love how your photos and narration really transports you there. Especially your moment alone at Rockerfeller so thanks for sharing that. I've experienced those times when you're by yourself witnessing magic. That breakfast too. Killer.

I found your blog because of your NYC posts from when you went there on exchange(?) So this is sweet to see on your blog again. Can't wait for LA!! x, d.

Chia Yi Lian said...

Thank you! Didn't expect to see your comment so soon. Haha really happy and surprised at the same time.

I will try to get LA post out asap! Work is really heavy lately so everytime I have a chance to take a break, I try to rest instead of editing my pictures. You are definitely one of my motivations to blog! Haha

Anonymous said...

Yeaaa blogging motivation! I didn't check when your entry went up just happened to load your blog but lol if I commented the second you published. Guess your NYC post called to me.

Rest comes first, definitely. Your blog is like the only one left that's old school and genuine so you can always count on me to be a reader. Until next! x, d.