Saturday, November 21, 2015

150117-150123 Austin - Global Conference

Austin post will be a short one. I spent everyday in the same room with my team working on our business simulation that was extremely intense and competitive. lol. 

The weekend when we arrived in Austin, before the conference stars. 
It wasn't as cold as anywhere else we were, all of sudden I was embracing the sun.

First, we pick up our car from the airport. I chose the Santa Fe, probably the only car that can fit all our luggage if you look at all the cars in the pic above.

Only until I came back, I realize how bad the car plate was, read in chinese/cantonese.

Got to my room. The left bed I used to put every shopping items that was sent there before I even arrive in US and all my luggage, slept on the right. It was insane, because my stuff filled the whole left bed. But I forgot to take a picture.

Starbucks while shopping at the outlet during the weekends.
Is it just me, or their plastic cup cover has better quality than ours? lol thicker right?

By that time, I was used to empty spaces in outlets. Their outlets are always in the middle of nowhere. I drove 1 hour and a half to get there from the hotel...

lol Austin.

Yup, I'm the driver. It's a really fuzzy weird disorientated feeling to drive on a different side, but I'm glad I nailed it.

We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner but none of them want to wait because the whole place is crowded. So they suggested Tacos instead........... 
I insisted on grabbing a cake to go, thank goodness. But why didn't I get more -.-

Had Tacos, so now I can say I'm not a Tacos person. 
Or Mexican food, some of us got really depressed over the week... As the hotel only serve Mexican food. It was... tough. I ate salad, soup and cheesecake only everyday during lunch..
Food is always one of the top 3 best things we enjoy during conferences, but this hotel, meh.

A pic before leaving my room for conference every morning.

Jie En's room, her room's view was much better than mine.

Suede blue shoes from F21 ordered on Black Friday $13. 

Part of the clothes that was sent there... part... haha I literally went with an empty luggage to bring everything back.

Also, who can say no to this!
I wish I can live in a country where cute socks cost like 1 dollar to me.
Why is our purchasing power so low :(
It's also crazy to think that a pair of good Nikes will cost only 200 dollars to Americans, and it costs 200x4 to us, while their salary is higher than us in a stronger currency. We know, because we know what our classmates earn in their currency...

I ordered these pair of shoes for my sister as well during Black Friday. Stealth 574 New Balance.
Comfiest shoe ever.

Got these from Austin outlet at $74 (a steal considering when I was there it was x3.4 only). 
Nike Dunk Sky Hi in black. Surprisingly comfy as well. 
Brighten the pic a little so you can see the patterns but in real life it's a lot darker. 

Texas Capitol from far.

One of the nights we went to Sushi Junai, and it's hands down the best meal I had there.
It was Sushi buffet at $35, totally within our food budget and worth it plus no need to eat Mexican food. Yay! (no offence to those who love it, but I just can't...)

So we just kept ordering. We were almost in tears when we tasted these.
Eventually I stopped taking pics because I was too busy eating and being happy. haha

Things in Forever 21. I also got a couple of pics of sweater in like $2, $3. Bought 1 for sister too, at that point, I was being careful because my luggage was going to explode. lol

Day 2. Tired, went back to the room for a short break during lunch time.

4th day.

One of the networking dinners.

With Regina, my classmate from Brazil.
During one of our networking dinner nights and we went on Sixth Street aka Dirty Sixth for the night. lolol

At the Round Rock office during last day.
It was our first visit there, but because it was Friday, the office was really empty.

It was drizzling so I only manage to get this photo of RR1 and ran into the building for shelter.

It was a last day in Austin so we had some shadowing to do at the office.
Meal at Rudy's with some colleagues before heading to the airport.

Heading to the airport

Pizza at the airport

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