Tuesday, December 15, 2015

141114 KL

Still insisting on posting everything even if they are a year ago. haha
Quick captions here we go!

D'Empire Brasserie

Thean Hou Temple

There were all 12 zodiac signs so I had to pose with mine of course!

Dontaku at 1U

Nana's Green Tea, was my first time. I wouldn't order it again, it's too green tea-ish for me. But if you like all things green tea then yes, go for it. 

First Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake as well, before it came to Penang.

First try at the meatballs. Just realized there were so many firsts during that trip. Haha. And no I don't like them, at all.

When we were crazy over Tsum Tsum. Weird, it felt like a long time ago but it was only a year back.

Can't remember the seafood place uncle brought us to :(

An old sefie...
While I'm getting really busy with work, and trying to rest from the food poisoning that attacked me yesterday, I'm still editing the US pictures. haha when will they end?? 

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