Friday, December 25, 2015

150124-150126 Los Angeles Part 1

Firstly, Merry Christmas!
This post is scheduled to be up on 25th. So no, I didn't spend my christmas blogging. Haha


Our last destination before heading back to Asia was Los Angeles.
At that point, we were all exhausted hence there was no rush. Everything was just free and easy.

Also, I didn't expect much from LA. 
If we were able to fit San Francisco into our schedule, we would! But oh wells. 

We stayed at Hollywood Celebrity Hotel. 

It's the best for price hotel strategically located just few minutes walk from the Walk of Fame and from there we were able to use other mode of transportation. With free breakfast as well. The breakfast was simple, don't expect a buffet line. It was clean and nice. The downside for us is that there was only stairs, no lift. Luckily, we stayed on the second floor and the staff helped us with our heavy luggage.

You are going to wonder why we didn't rent a car in LA like everyone does. I guess we decided that we don't need it. We were only there for 1 and a half day to be exact. Not much on our schedule so yeah. But if you are going to be in LA for a couple more days then def rent a car to go places where buses don't go. haha


The hotel was decorated with Hollywood posters. This was my fave.

The exterior of the hotel.

Early in the morning, empty streets...

In my next post, you will see just how many movie characters you are able to meet on the street.
And the trick is to take their pics secretly, or else... you might be asked for tips. 

This is a man. Real. In like 2 seconds he's up there hanging like this. I don't know how?!

5 dollar souvenir shop. Just like Daiso. 
I bought a cap and a couple more souvenirs.
Fridge magnets, keychain, a blinged hollywood sign (currently sitting under my monitor on my table), a carplate.
I didn't take any pics of them apparently after checking my album. Will do that and update later!

Waiting for the bus.

But wait, before that, we also walked over to the TCL Chinese Theatre to check out handprints and footprints of the famous folks.
It was raining the night before, that's why they are wet-ish.

The Hollywood sign from afar. 

Hollywood & Highland, just next to the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Her wax figure is creepy, freaks me out a little, that's why I didn't touch her... :S

One of the first cars in this post.
I've never seen so many convertibles all in one day.

Some guy just passing by while I was taking photos of everything.

oh hi Spongbob.

Bought our TAP card for the bus trip to Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Santa Monica later that day.
One of the prettiest cards!

BUFFALO WILD WINGS just at the end of the street. We came here twice!
I miss it so much now... :(

In the bus.

We weren't going to get down at this station, but as the bus slowed down, I saw IHOP.
So we got down from the bus and had our brunch there.

Freeflow pancakes but none of us refilled it or only one of us did? We were too full. It was so good! Little did we know... we were going to starve at night.

Happy after having pancakes.

Arriving at Rodeo Drive.

I don't know art ._.


More cars.


 Full of things we can't afford. 

Was at the nike store. Almost bought that pair of AJ4. But didn't.

 Urm..? If this was in Malaysia, not sure what's going to happen, honestly.
They leave their bags in the car just like that?! Nothing is going to happen??

Shall end this post with a pic of my Mango Juice.
There was nothing much to do... we just chilled as I said or maybe we were just lazy. And then we decided to explore Downtown LA before heading to Santa Monica Pier.
Will come in my next post!

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