Saturday, December 26, 2015

150124-150126 Los Angeles Part 2

Continuing from the next post, we went to Downtown LA.

Empty streets because it was a weekend.
People only come here to work I suppose.

Walked past Walt Disney Concert Hall. This is where the final ANTM runway was held!

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Andy Warhol: Shadows.

Also, this cool thing was placed out there. It's a big sculpture made of old airplanes.

Phone Co. Mural of Telephone Parts
Circa 1960 3-D wall mural on wall of telephone company building. 
Mixed media including telephone parts.

After a long bus ride, we arrived at Santa Monica Pier.

Just in time to catch the sunset. It was amazing! So beautiful!
So lucky to be there at the right time.

We tried to get some food for dinner but it was crowded everywhere! With long queues. 

So.. on our way home, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings!

It was my last BWW ever since... I miss it so muchh! When will this come to Malaysiaa?! Or more like never?!?

The next morning, we went to In-N-Out for breakfast.

It was so good!

Also, we did some shopping.

Lala Land; bought some souvenirs there as well.

Minions hanging out with Olaf on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

They were craving for Chinese food. On the last day of our trip... So yeah. I regret it deeply. haha

At the hotel.

At the airport, dinner. Chinese food again. Because it's the cheapest option. lolol and saves most time. It's like economy rice US version basically.

Plane meal.

My meal at the Hong Kong airport. And that's the end of my entire US trip. :D
Hope you enjoyed all the posts!

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