Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Flare Dress Design

Alright, here's a quick post. Work has been crazy recently, I just can't wait till I'm done with next year's planning, then FREEDOM.

But back to the topic, on days when I feel like work is suffocating, I just want to dress up nicely and go to work happily. So, on these special days, I will wear dresses to the office.
Basically, all my dresses are flare dresses. I just don't have a good enough body to pull off other type of dresses while flare dresses are just the best, somehow there's the illusion that I look slightly thinner in those dresses. If you check out my post in Austin for conference, it was flare dresses everyday. Haha

So yep, I think that we have unlimited types of dresses to build our wardrobe that fits every occasion. Hence, choosing the correct attire to make yourself look better and more confident is very important. Here's a guide on how to choose the best flare dress design to a party that will help you make the right choice!

Consider the Occasion
It's simple, don't underdress or overdress. And as we cliche as it is, you will never go wrong with a little black dress. Couple of things to consider, how formal will the gathering be? If it's a more upscale dinner party, definitely stick with a dress with a more conventional cut and always always avoid dresses above the knees in such occasion. For informal parties, there's no restriction really, fashionable cuts or classic cuts will look good as long as it suits you.

Get the Perfect Colour
I'm sure everyone knows what colour looks best on you. For me, it's navy blue or black, so I usually stay with those colours. I do have a red V-neck flare dress though, maybe I will wear it for Christmas!
Knowing your own body type
Honestly, this helps, as I mention, I know that my hips and thighs are disproportionate and bigger. So this is where Flare dresses play to my advantage. Knowing your body type well is important to help you choose the correct size, style and length. 

Consider the fabric
I'm not one who buys clothes that are made from fabric that are uncomfortable. So it's important to know which brand I'm buying from, and what are they made of. Being comfortable in the clothes I wear is top priority. For me, I like choosing dresses that are made of less flimsy fabric and more structured ones to show a better shape.

Choose your dresses wisely. :)

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