Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last Year's Christmas

A good time to post pics from Christmas last year.

Also, I don't really have plans for this year's. 
All I know is that I want to rest and relax, stress-free, away from work. Haha
I will probably catch up on some series, read on my kindle, get some good food and be mentally prepared for the crazy amount of work that will come in January. 

This was from Gennext Christmas dinner last year. We just had it last weekend for this year's.
But I forgot to bring my camera, just a couple of pics on my phone. 

Our cute christmas cake.

Gift exchange

Win Nee the bottle queen

Random tsum tsums I have.

And yep, the pandas were in town. Too cute! 
But unless you are the cute triplets from Return of the Superman, you are not allowed to touch them. Haha

Dinner with colleagues across the sea.

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