Sunday, December 27, 2015

November 2015

November diaries.

Pasta Zanmai

Salmon cream sauce pasta

Another salmon pasta. What is this again?!!? I can't remember, but it was nicer than the cream one.

Pale daoo.

Was getting some gift exchange presents as well.

Reese and Hershey's dark chocolate McFlurry! The best!

Random day at Prangin Mall. Went over there from 1st Avenue.

Cute christmas cakes for mum's birthday

Azuma for dinner with family.

Loving QB's christmas decoration

We bought Groupon to try out the 0068 Authentic Szechuan Cuisine.
It was alright, too spicy for me.. :(

Went to Piknik after that for some waffles :D

The special fries were so good! 

I brought my Harry Potter Uno cards and Monopoly Deal along.
Game nights with them are the best.

Old town noodles...

At 1st Avenue. lolol

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