Tuesday, January 05, 2016

151230 Noodles & Bingsu

Beef Noodles at Lam Ah Coffeeshop (Chulia Street/Beach Street)

The broth is rich in flavour but not to extent that you will feel that it is too salty. This statement came from my bf. lolol. I will always choose beehoon over koay teow so the top pic is mine.

Paragon. With slanting tree and cropped the photobomb on the side.
We did so much mall hopping for the past few days ever since, time to get back and focus on work.

Hana Cafe in Tanjung Bungah! 
My first time trying. 
It was worth it because we went there with Offpeak app bookings, 50% discount. 
So my Oreo Bingsu was only RM6. It will be perfect if I can pour some Hershey Choc sauce on top...

They serve a variety of bingsu and korean fried chicken.

Classic Bingsu. Original price RM9, we had it at RM4.50.

6 pieces of chicken wings at RM28 original price. We tried both flavours.
It was okay, I probably prefer Kyochon or BBQ Chicken more.

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