Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Watches

I took these pics when I got back from US last January.
Because I was keeping these to write a haul blog post or something, but it didn't happen. Ha.

I got a total of 5 watches from my trip, all from WatchStation and Fossil store at the outlets.

The left one is a Michael Kors. One and only at the store. I wear this one on a daily basis to work.
Got it at the Woodbury Outlets in NY, for around $60 if I remember correctly.

The top two Armani Exchange watches are $55 each. 
I bought the grey one first at Woodbury for my sister, and gotten the black one at the Orlando outlets for myself.

The bottom two Fossils are from Austin outlets at the Fossil store.
The leather strapped one is $60 and the silver one is $45.

I'm so so satisfied with my watch purchases until today! Haha 
Everything was a deal. And the exchange rate was only 3.4 when I was there.

I got quite a lot of compliments for this. haha

It turns out I wear this the least.
It's the prettiest but it's a bit on the heavy side.
I bought a $200 MK few years ago and because it was too heavy on my wrist, I rarely wear it.. :(

The black one.

The grey one for my sister.

Can't see the silicon strap here. But the strap is one of its plus points so I wear this the most.

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