Saturday, March 26, 2016

Photo Dump

Been so busy studying. I'm taking two CPA subjects this semester and with a full time job, it's just not easy. It's insane. I'm so stressed out most of the time :(
But anyways, dumping some old photos that I have never posted before here.

The Michael Kors watch I bought in New York. I wear this the most out of all my watches.

At St.Giles Wembley before they opened early last year during our trial stay.

Food food food during the same trial stay.

I wear this pair quite a lot and now it's starting to look old and worn off.. :(

With sister!

Spades Burger fries are the best!

First time at Jump Street Trampoline Park! Was fun but tiring. Not as easy as it looks...

At Pizzaiola

Basketball time at the park near my house. It has been a year omg.

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