Friday, April 22, 2016

Fuji X70

I haven't been updating for quite some time as I was very busy with studies and work, mostly studies :/ 
I have exams next Tuesday and the following Tuesday. Taking two subjects.
So do expect more updates when I'm done with those.

Yesterday was my birthday. Yep, as I became 25, Queen Elizabeth II turned 90. 
Everyone was "celebrating" her birthday on Facebook yesterday. 

I had a good dinner on the night before and a good lunch with my usual lunch gang at Cho Dong Jib. The owner was even kind enough to give me a free bottle as a gift. I will post more about those later on.

Back to the main point, I got myself a Fuji X70. There were a lot of reviews online so you can look them up if you are interested. As of now, I'm very satisfied with it especially the selfie screen, touch focus and it has the same sensor as my X-T1. 

It's sharp enough for me and it's so small! So much smaller than my Fuji X-T1 however there are also some limitations of course.
I like how it focuses up close at 10cm distance at 18mm vs the 30cm on my 18-55mm lens on the X-T1. 

I did consider getting more superior prime lenses however I feel that I will be under-utilizing them. Instead, I got myself this small camera to see if it's good enough to satisfy myself. And maybe, just maybe I will sell my X-T1 with the kit lens and settle with this.

In a way I'm downgrading my gear, but if in future I have the need for an interchangeable lens camera, I can get something along the range of XE2 or XT10 which is cheaper.

The X-T1 is just too powerful and with less travelling nowadays, I probably don't need it that much anymore, sad but true :(

I got this one second hand. I never get a second hand camera but this one was only 12 days old. The person who got it wasn't used to the lack of the viewfinder. And bought it from him for around RM400 below retail price with an extra original battery, which is a pretty good deal I would say. 

Can't wait to share the results from this camera with you soon! 
Till and then, fingers crossed and hope I nail my exams. 

All pics below taken with my X-T1, and then again it makes me feel like it's just a great camera that I cannot live without. 

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amelia said...

let me know if you wanna sell your xt-1 XD