Tuesday, May 31, 2016

160528 Ipoh Trip

It's my first "actual" Ipoh trip. I was just a kid the last time we went to Ipoh and it was just a short AEON trip. This time, sister and mum suggested that we visit Ipoh and eat some good food.
I did some research and these are the places we went. 

1. Hong Kee Confectionery Trading(Kedai Kopi Weng Seng): Egg tarts! The best! It opens at 7am, you can also call to reserve first. The egg tarts were only RM1.60 or RM1.70, my memory fails me. But anyways, it's thick and has a rich flavour. We almost missed the shop because it is actually situated in Weng Seng coffee shop.

2. Thean Chun 天津茶室 : it opens quite early if you would like to try the Caramel egg custard, however for the hor fun, the stall only opens at 9.30am. We were there at 8.30am and had our egg custard. Wasn't disappointed!

3. The Paris Restaurant & Hotel (巴黎茶室) : Came here for the hakka mee, but it's not nice at all :( None of us thought it was nice. I guess our taste is different.. But it's very famous and a lot of people swear by their hakka mee. 

4. Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah (奇峰豆腐花): Tried this famous taufu fah, did not disappoint! Love it, it's so so smooth. We just stopped by quickly to eat in the car and left. It's situated at the corner, I have a pic of it below.

5. Patisserie BoutiQue: We came here for a late lunch as a last stop before leaving. It's like one of the Penang cafes which serves cakes, coffee and pasta. Scroll down to see the food we tried. I would say it's an average place. But maybe due to the lack of cafes there, this cafe is popular. 

Egg tarts from Hong Kee! Look at how thick it is.

The coconut biscuit from Hong Kee, did not try this as I don't like coconut...

Their chicken pie, I would say it's just average.

The hakka mee from Paris restaurant.

Caramel egg custard!! Loveeee!

The kai si hor fun which my cousin liked.

Cousin Sabrina


and I

A street just behind Thean Chun coffee shop
It's their version of mural hipster place..

Funny mountain. No pics of the tau fu fah because I ate it too quickly... 

Oh, we also went to Ipoh Parade for a short walk and sister bought ice cream.
This was taken with my x70, look at the bokeh!

Patisserie Boutique

Smoked duck quiche

Salmon quiche - personally prefer this more than the smoked duck one

Salmon alfredo - I think it was just average. wouldn't say very good or very bad. 

Smoked duck carbonara - smoked duck was good, carbonara was just okay..

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