Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Lucky Year

I'm very very lucky this year. I won a couple of things from the start of the year. 

1. We have this product training lucky draw at work, where you stand a chance to win either an XPS, a curve monitor or a tablet if you complete all product training for the quarter. 
I have been doing it for like 3 Quarters in a row and finally, my name showed up when they announced the winner last Quarter. 

I got myself a curve monitor! It was crazy, still felt like a dream, because I wanted to get myself a bigger monitor so badly at that point of time already. 
I honestly don't know how my name was picked out from the pool of global finance organization participants at Dell by random. 

What makes it more unbelievable is that in this quarter, both VK and Han Fang got themselves the XPS and the tablet, out of the global participants and only 3 winners chosen, how?! I told them I gave them my luck. hahaha

It's a 27 inch curve monitor - the Dell SE2716H that costs around RM1.3K. I'm so so lucky!
Link to Dell page.

2. Participated in the Queensbay CNY competition, the most likes win, and thanks to all my friends, I won the competition and got myself RM500 worth of vouchers (RM400 for belif, RM50 for Habanero and RM50 for Kopitan)

Used the belif voucher to get myself 2 bottles of Hungarian Water Essence (one for sis, one for me) and 1 bottle of True Anti-aging Essence for myself. The rest are sample gifts. 

Personally felt that the Hungarian water essence helps lock in the moisture on my face before I use the Laneige sleeping mask. I didn't really feel anything from the Anti-aging Essence to be honest. 
When I first started using the True Tincture of Chamonile, I noticed the improvement in skin texture. 

3. RM250 Starbucks card and Mazda merchandise including Mazda keyboard, bottle, notebook from Mazda. (RM150 from first prize, RM100 from second prize) 

We were walking around Queensbay when we heard the Mazda announcer talking about "Instagram contest", "Starbucks voucher", stopped to listen and realize all we needed to do was to snap a creative picture of the cars at the exhibition and add hashtag, 3 winners per day, why not?! 

To our surprise, we won both 1st and 2nd place. So happy! 

That's all I have for now. Hopefully my good luck will be with me throughout the year and I will have more to post! :)


Anonymous said...

Your lucky roll continues. You win Kyochon is coming to Penang!! Next to Coffee Bean in Gurney Plaza, July 2015. x, d.

Chia Yi Lian said...

Yes! I know! I heard about it. So so excited! You know me so well :)