Thursday, June 16, 2016

Photo Dump

Here comes another dump. Mainly food. As usual. Haha

Last year, we had a FDP BBQ Party! Good old days. Definitely need to do it again.

And then more BBQ at Aza Aza Korean near QB. I highly recommend this restaurant if you like korean food. Give this place a try.

Naughty Nuri's one fine day after work. 

At Khun de Thai 2 weeks ago

The desert add-on variety that I always look forward to.

My cousin's pandora bracelet

Coffee Smith.

Pizzaiola at Prangin Mall

Rakuzen, Gurney Paragon on one of our dates.

Self made ice cream and waffles on movie nights. Hahah. Despite the look, it tasted delicious.

And 2 of my selfies. Currently in a dilemma. Not sure if I should cut my fringe back to short, or leave it long...

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