Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bits from June

June has been great for me, work was alright, no exams (very important point!), a lot of relaxing blissful moments spent.

One of the Fridays where I was going to work from home, but still went out for breakfast with my boyf. Rare. haha

I'm trying to recall what the kopitiam is called, but it's the one under the flats at Jalan Tengah.
This fried rice was pretty good!

We also had Tacos at Habanero Mexican Dining at QB using the vouchers I got. Read this post here.

Homecooked Kimchi Ramen with Cheese

Father's Day Meal at Taiwan Courtyard

Old Town Nasi Lemak before watching Now You See Me 2 with mum and bf.
The movie wasn't as good as the first one tbh.
Why aren't there more magic themed shows? I think it's a pretty refreshing genre, no?

And overpriced Kimchi Fried Rice at Magic Kitchen, 1st Ave.

 So, we went to this place twice in the last month.
The Nyonya Legend House, because there were having 50% on their steamboat.
However, the steamboat session only starts after 9pm.

Both times, we chose the Original Nyonya Soup, it's a spicy/sour soup base. Not very spicy and I can't eat spicy so.. it's more sour I suppose.

Tried the 2 pax and also the Premium one. I would say the premium is only worth it if you like  Wagyu Beef. 

Oh, and also on one of the weekends, we went to KO. BQ. It was awesome, because we only ordered the pork in pic above and a plate of Japchae, they gave us the tofu soup below for free! :)

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