Saturday, May 20, 2017


Disclaimer: This post should be taken lightly because it only represents my personal opinion and what I felt.

After being here for two months, I can say that I'm already fully settled in (probably already settled in in the first month alone. Haha)

Some people were surprised by how quickly I decided to move here when I only visited Singapore once in my entire life.
On my second visit, it was after I secured the role and came for a role transition. That was when I realized that the food here is really cheap?! Okay, basically everything is cheap if you are earning SGD, at least for me and my daily needs.

Then on my third visit, I moved here permanently. My employment pass approval period took around 5 working days? If I remember correctly. I was panicking because another colleague got it in 3 days. Then I searched online, there were people who waited for months. Soooo grateful!!

Living here alone is difficult, but there are a lot of things that made it easier. 

One of the very first things I bought was my 27 inch curve monitor, got it for $300+ if I remember correctly.  It was much needed to make my new room feel more like my old room.
I spend a lot of time on my PC which I can't really do without a monitor. Lolol. I edit photos, play sims 3, study, watch drama, youtube and work. Plus I squint too much without a monitor, eyesight problems..

Transportation. One of my main priorities when looking for a place to stay is where transport will be convenient for me. And I found this perfect place where the bus stop and MRT are just outside of my apartment. And the best part is that my bus ride to the office is only 15 minutes and the bus drops me off right outside the building. No bad traffic stress, no parking stress. Life's good.

Oh, and it's fully shaded from my apartment to the MRT to the connecting mall. T_T I was really touched when it rained one day and I realized that I did not have to bring an umbrella at all.

Food. Let's not talk about the hawker food taste because we know nothing beats Penang food. Hahaha. But Japanese food is really good!

There's two coffee shop literally downstairs under the 2 apartments next to mine and countless coffee shops/kopitiams air con/ non air con nearby. And I have 2 McDonald's within walking distance. 24 hour NTUC just opposite. (NTUC is like Tesco but has a pharmacy and less household stuff) Also, there is a mall and a cinema just 5 minutes away.
It was my dream since young to stay next to a mall and a place where food is within reach, finally fulfilled my dream. lolol.
I may sound lazy and yes I think I am. Convenience and time-saving are the most important things to me to be honest. I'm just not the kind of person who will travel far just for food all the time.

And the best thing was there is a very nice library at the mall. I went there every weekend to study when I was preparing for my exams.

$$$. Everything is cheap as I said. So on average, I spend around $5-$10 in total for 2 meals per day.
Is it possible in Malaysia? Quite difficult.. Sometimes I splurge during the weekends and it will cost around $16 for 2 meals.
Economy rice with 1 meat 1 veggie only cost me $2.30, which is what I eat all the time. Chicken rice is only $2.50 to $3.50. Fried rice $4 to $5. And not just Chinese food, Korean/Japanese cost around $5-$7 in the food court.
And on the higher end, food like Japanese ramen which costs RM20-30+ in Malaysia is $10-$15 only here.
I'm saving quite a lot on food actually, which is a good thing!

My bus ride to work is only $0.77 one way. And MRT to the airport is only $1.45. How is life this good?

Then moving on to the more materialistic stuff, it's the same price in Malaysia but just divide by 3. Uniqlo is really cheap, H&M, F21, all these are probably the cheapest/best apparel brand here. However, I still hesitate when buying despite the low dollar amount I'm seeing everywhere and the relatively low value vs salary here. Because I keep thinking that every dollar saved is x3 back home.

To be honest, it was difficult for me to put things into perspective in terms of money value when I first came, even until now.

If you think about it, for $20, I can get pretty decent stuff and it's only from 4 x $5 meals.
In Malaysia, say if I want to buy something at RM60, it's 12 x RM5 meals.
So in a way, decent "material" stuff is harder to be obtained or require more sacrifices to get it back at home.

Maybe I'm crazy, but hopefully you get what I mean. So in a way, the value of every dollar saved is higher than the value of every RM saved. But in another way, I need to spend less to get something really good. The dilemma. The fight between angel and demon in my head.

The only expensive item is my rent. Lol. Other than that I'm saving quite a lot.

I know people always say that the living cost in Singapore is expensive. But I see it both ways.
Yes, rental is expensive but you save from so many other areas. It is only expensive when you are not earning the same currency.
In comparison to Malaysia, the purchasing power here is so much higher. The quality and level of living is different. The same $1 and RM1 will bring you things of different value, and that is why I think life here is actually not that bad. I may be ignorant but I think if you work professionally, you should be able to live pretty well.

(I have seen posts on FB about how people come here to be called "slaves" and things like that, I won't judge and can't judge because I don't know anything about the jobs that are different from my own, so I won't comment.)

To conclude, being away from my family, my boyfriend and my lunch partners in Dell Penang is tough. :(
I miss my daily lunches with them so much.

I know this post is quite messy in its own way and I'm sorry. I haven't written anything in a very long time, apart from serious work emails. And my brain is not functioning well because I have too many to do lists on my mind right now.

Till the next time!! :D

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