Saturday, November 04, 2017

170422 Belated Birthday

I keep telling myself that I want to go back to active blogging but I constantly feel the uneasiness of exposing my personal stuff to everyone. I don't know who will stumble upon my blog and whether I will be happy to share the things I do with those people. I guess this is what growing up is all about. Obviously did not have this issue when 10 years ago. lol

But anyways, I think it would be fitting to write about my belated birthday "celebration" this year. Actually it's just one day late because my birthday fell on a Friday, so my bf and his parents came visit that Saturday. 

Received gifts; Went to CÉ LA VI on top of Marina Bay Sands; Ate Lobster buffet at Spice Brasserie at Park Royal on Kitchener Road; Did some shopping.

To be honest, ever since I came to Singapore, my cameras were kept in storage.
I almost never go out on my own because it's really boring around here without my family. 
So I was glad to have the chance to capture some beautiful city shots while we were out there. 

These were taken with my Fuji X70 - quality not comparable to my XT1 but not too bad!

Crabs and Lobsters buffet at Spice Brasserie. Honestly, I think it was just ok.
There are better seafood buffet options out there. 

This chicken chop and spaghetti set was from JEM, the food court at the top floor - suddenly I cannot recall the name.

Also got a couple of birthday gifts.
A Rhodia notebook! It was my ultimate dream. Haha. 
The paper is so so smooth and thick. I intend to use it soon because previously with all the exam craziness I did not want to start in this notebook hastily.

I got my very first fountain pen! Exactly what I needed.
The Pilot Kakuno is the perfect beginner fountain pen. I use it almost everyday now.

My bf also got me a leather handbag because I have been looking for one.
I don't have many handbags because I have always been a backpack kind of person.

This is the exact name of the bag -> DKNY Greenwich Flap Shoulder Bag.
We tried looking it up online after I got it. lolol.

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