Thursday, November 30, 2017

161112-161118 Hanoi - Serene Premier Hotel

Finally! I'm going to write about my first trip to Vietnam - Hanoi. 
This was how our trip went. 

I traveled in 2016 Nov from 12th to 18th. 

Day 1: Arrive Hanoi at Night with Hotel pickup from Noi Bai Airport
Day 2: Hanoi -> Halong Bay Cruise
Day 3: Back in Hanoi from Cruise in the evening
Day 4: Hanoi
Day 5: Hanoi -> Sapa (Topas Ecolodge)
Day 6: Back in Hanoi at night
Day 7: Leave to Noi Bai Airport

We did quite an extensive research on hotels in Hanoi and finally decided on this one.

No regrets!

The price is really affordable, they provide 1 airport pick up service for free (you can choose to or fro), free breakfast (so freaking delicious), helps you arrange and coordinate other pickups to places, takes care of your luggage while you travel, a PC in the room and good wifi. 

They even upgraded our room after we came back from Halong Bay. The famous food spots were all around this hotel within walking distance. 

This hotel is located in a small alley so it's really quiet when we arrive at night. 
It may seem a little bit dodgy at night but in the morning we realize that it wasn't the case and it was pretty safe. I think if you arrive at night, it's best to arrange the hotel free airport pick up so they bring you right to the doorstep. 

Serene Premier Hotel (previously known as Hanoi Serene Hotel): 

The room we had  during the first night was with standing shower, later on with the upgraded room, it's a bath. But to be honest I prefer standing shower, and you can request that. 

This was their decoration on our beds during the first night. Haha.

So with the decoration there, we tried to pattern a little.

One of the main reasons I booked this hotel is because of the high praise it gets from fellow travelers on their breakfast.
It's all you can eat - meaning you can order as much as you want.
The breakfast was so so good! Everything we tried was good!

My boyfriend got the Pho while I stick to western breakfast.
No regrets tho, it was so good.

One thing I realize is that you get banana no matter where you go. 
Even when we went on the cruise, bananas were found in every meal as desserts. 

Bun Cha Dac Kim at 1 Hang Manh
This was just at the end of the ally from our hotel.
One of the famous bun cha place. It's not very hygiene so if you are particular about that, don't go.
To be honest, for me personally, in general the Vietnam famous street food weren't extraordinary.
But it's good to get to experience their culture and traditional food they eat. 

Crossing the streets in Vietnam is insane. 
But the locals looked so at ease while we were constantly on alert mode. 

Bun Bo Nam Bo - another famous eatery. I will write about this later on.

On the second day, the pick up van took us to Halong Bay.

This was my cruise and it includes the pick up and drop off from your hotel in Hanoi.
They have the best service ever seriously. 
No regrets. 
While I was researching the Halong Bay junks, the price range was so large, from crazy cheap to reasonably expensive.

Finally decided to go with Indochina Junk Dragon's Pearl with only 11 cabins on the cruise itself.
It also brings you to Bai Tu Long bay which is a more exclusive part of Halong Bay. You know how if you look at Halong Bay photos, there will be hundreds of cruise behind yours? For mine, there weren't. It was only us. So it really felt different.

The food was so good on the cruise as well. I will write more on that later on in my next post. :)

On the way to Bai Tu Long bay, we stopped at a rest stop which sells all these statue and sculptures.
The place was so huge. And surprisingly people do buy them. lol.

I will work on my Halong Bay post next! Stay tuned!

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