Sunday, January 21, 2018


I can't recall when was the last time I did a year end recap post.
Because my 2017 was quite eventful, I decided to write this one.

1. One of the life-changing events was that I moved to Singapore permanently end of March for work. I was also promoted hence the new role at Dell SG. This is actually my first time being abroad alone for so long and things turned out better than I thought.

2. Won another huge lucky draw at work and got a XPS 2-in-1 which I gave to my sister.

3. Completed the CPA program and I'm now a CPA. Unfortunately I did not get my 5th High Distinction so I wasn't able to get the Certificate of Excellence. But still I'm quite proud of my results. I got 4 HD and 2 Ds while studying part time so I would consider this a huge accomplishment.

4. Started going to the gym, the free gym for Dell employees at the club next to our office. I try to work out regularly but unfortunately sometimes work just gets in the way. But no excuses though, I'm trying to be healthier and build my stamina. For various reasons - eg: going to concerts. Hahahah, which brings me to my next point.

5. Went to Music Bank for the very first time! It was the best concert ever. I managed to snatch tickets with queue number of 136+ for sis, cousin and I. It wasn't cheap though. We bought rockzone at $300 per ticket. It was worth it, trust me. We were standing right in front of the stage. First/second row and the artists were unbelievably close. I should have made a post on this! Ok, I will.
The artists who performed were: CNBlue, SHINee, Red Velvet, BTS and Mamamoo. Park Bo Gum was the MC. Tell me how is this not worth it.
Plus, we got to see Jong Hyun for the very first time and last time before he passed away last Dec.
To be honest, until today I still cannot believe it.. I really hope he is in a happier place now.

Posted the Music Bank videos we took here:

6. Chasing after celebrities - Saw Eric Name and Lee Sung Kyung. I realize K-idols visit Singapore all the time. Poor Malaysia, not so lucky.

7. Went to Australia for the second time. Visited Melbourne, Tasmania and Sydney for the first time. I'm posting all the photos up here:

I don't believe in writing down goals for the new year anymore because I think everyday is a chance to do something different. But couple things that I want to achieve are:

a) Pick up a new hobby - video editing? But I probably need a new laptop for that, my laptop can't support much anymore..
b) Blog more - stop being lazy!
c) Achieve a better work life balance and stop stressing myself for no reason.
d) Be healthy and happy

Ok I will stop here for today.
Happy New Year everyone!

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