Saturday, March 17, 2018

161112-161118 Sapa: Topas Ecolodge Stay

When I went to Topas Ecolodge and posted the photos, so many friends asked me about it on Facebook. Actually the first time I found this place was from Irina's instagram. She is a Singaporean blogger which I really like and the photos she took was breathtaking. 

Topas Ecolodge added an infinity edge pool since my visit, which made it so much more worth visiting.

Disclaimer: If you have motion sickness, I will not advise you to go there at all. The car ride up the mountain was seriously that bad to the point where my boyfriend and I who don't have motion sickness suffer from dizziness when we reached the top. 

How I booked this place?
I booked it from Elegance Hospitality website. They are a hotel which also acts as one of Topas's agents. The price they offered me was cheaper so I went ahead and confirmed it with them.
However looks like they don't offer this service anymore.
So please head over to to book. They offer various packages including hiking, romantic getaway etc. 

What's included?
My package includes 1 night stay + Topas Mountain Express ride from Hanoi hotel to Topas Ecolodge. Also, the van includes Wifi which is the most important thing for all of us. Haha.

Oh, and breakfast is also included. See pic below. Heh. 
Their breakfast was really good and tasty. Wide range of selection considering we are at the top of the mountain with no access to anything else. 
The usual Vietnamese cuisine like Pho was available along with western breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon, mushrooms). 

You will be staying in an entire hut and it comes with a balcony. I will caption those photos which I took right from our hut's balcony. The view is stunning in the morning. Also there are two types of huts, one with air con and one without. Please check availability early because they sell out fast. 

- bring snacks & cup noodles so you have something to snack on at night if you are hungry.

- be careful with the locals around Topas. They are not allowed to enter the premise but they will come at you once you step out and get onto your van. They will ask you to buy their souvenirs and if you buy from one, the rest will come after you as well. This is repeatedly being reminded on TripAdvisor so you be the judge.

- bring panadols or take motion sickness pills in case you feel sick after the car ride up the mountain.

This was the lunch we ordered the next day. 
It was good but slightly pricey compared to food prices in Vietnam. 

 This larger hut on the right is the "lobby". You can chill there, hangout there, get lunch, drink tea. 
Oh and you will only get wifi there. No where else. 
I'm not sure if it's still the case now but it's good to get away from wifi in your own hut just for a day. 


In the room

 See the huts on left and right? You will be staying there.
It's pretty limited that's why I said book fast! :)

View from room's balcony.
 The next 5 photos are taken from my room.


This was taken early in the morning.

Evening snack. lol. 


Various places to hang out in the lobby as I said.

 Came out to use wifi. hahahahah
There's nothing much to do up there but chill, hike, swim (since the new addition).
But it was nice nevertheless.

Some kungfu aura shots.

Some ahjumma shots after checking out.

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