Thursday, June 21, 2018

Photo Dump

Ever since I lost photos with the whole hard disk situation, I spent quite some time to clean up everything including old photos. Sorting out whatever I was able to save and such. 
Will not be writing a lot here but just short caption for each.

View from Sing's house.

Those good days when we all have time to hang out for BBQ

The gift vouchers I got from the Queensbay competition

Our first claw machine win - Xiao Ri

Self made milo dinosaur

Inside Scoop. Tradition whenever  hanging out with my sister and bf in KL.

HarajuCube at Empire Damansara

Ippudo my faveee

Alexis Tiramisu

Self made sugar overload unhealthy fattening waffle ice cream

I miss this all the time esp when I'm stressed out and craving comfort food.
Eastern Wishes Tom Yam and all the other good dishes.

Best things ever. Temporary tattoos from taobao.
So cheap so many hahah 
Until now everytime I go back to Penang I will put on some. 

Golden Bowl noodles but it's actually the same taste like what you cook at home with the White Curry Mee packet.

We made pizza for the very first time!
It was good because you can put anything you want basically. hahah

Puzzles I bought from taobao. Really really cheap.
1000 pcs, RM20-RM25 per box only.

2nd and 3rd claw machine win. Both on the same day. Ha!

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